We can work on Any topic (writer’s choice)

Write a one pare summary of the Cultural dimensions of doing business in Germany as a foreign beer company: (12) Cultural insights summary: This should be about a 1-page summary assessment of key guidelines for success when doing business in that country-how some of the cultural habits and differences are likely to impact doing business […]

We can work on Social Studies

Choose a social issue affecting life in the 21st century. Your job is to analyze the issue and its impact on society. Where did this problem start? What are the factors contributing to the problem? Can this problem be solved? Do you have a solution? Support your arguments using reputable websites (.gov, .org, .edu,), books, […]

We can work on Research Analysis

Using the GCU Library (notably the GCU Library: Nursing and Health Sciences Research Guide), find adatabase, journal, or other collection of resources that focuses on translational research. Select a populationhealth problem or issue of interest from the available studies. What type of translational research is used forthe study? Provide rationale as to why this is […]

We can work on Introduction and Search History part A

Write an introduction to the partial literature review. This sets the stage for the reader to understand why your issue is of concern. It informs the reader as to why this issue is a problem and why it should be studied. The search history is a paragraph about how you found the literature you used. […]

We can work on Class Final Project

Class Final Project: You are the Marketing director for a new Health Care center in Miami. It can be a general Health Care center offering many diverse services or a specialized one e.g., a Dental Care center. Create a website (Wix.com offers free website building) which will include all the information of your new business.Also […]

We can work on Public policy communication

How public policy is communicated for the community based initiative and to whomSES impact on child and family services for the community based initiativeThe impact the public policy is having on the community based initiative and selected SES groupGaps you see in the policy and the community based initiative and strategies you propose to fill […]

We can work on Fisker x2

You just received a second email from the Senior Fisker Management Team with the following questions. Your response will be forwarded out to the board. 1. The senior team recognizes that Fisker will likely have to think long-term about product strategy changes to the Ocean model. Based on your knowledge of product strategy and needed […]

We can work on Any topic (writer’s choice)

TERM PAPER: You will be required to write a 4-6 page paper (double-spaced, font size 12, 1 margins), with any outside sources that are utilized being cited, using APA Format, in a reference list at the end of your papers. (Note: This does not count as a page of your paper). The paper is an […]

We can work on Theory Analysis

1.) Write about- Which theories guide the Ascendant of NY program? (ecological theory, attachment theory, systems theory, psychodynamic theory, self-determination theory and theory of mind).*Pick a few of these to write on and state how each theory guides the Ascendantprogram*Describe each theory first and cite the theory in the paper.*Apply each theory to the Ascendant […]

We can work on DB 7 (500) Understanding Critical Infrastructure

Topic: Understanding Critical Infrastructure Critical infrastructure includes a great many areas of concern and focus. Thinking back to risk and mitigation, these two areas tie directly to critical infrastructure protection, dont they? Within mitigation, we discussed two ways to mitigate: structural and non-structural efforts.  What do you believe is our most vulnerable critical infrastructure (choose […]

We can work on Any topic (writer’s choice)

Milano Co. manufactures and sells three products: product 1, product 2, and product 3. Their unit selling prices are product 1, $40; product 2, $30; and product 3, $20. The per unit variable costs to manufacture and sell these products are product 1, $30; product 2, $15; and product 3, $8. Their sales mix is […]

We can work on Economic Analysis Paper

There are a variety of topics related to Macro Economics that would be appropriate for you to write on. Youmake take inspiration from a number of sources, but what is important is to demonstrate your own economicreasoning. I want to know what you have to say, not what the experts say. But you should cite […]

We can work on Capella University Application of Psychotherapy Theories Discussion – Assignment Help

I don’t know how to handle this Psychology question and need guidance. DISCUSSION ONE For this discussion, answer the following questions. How much do you know about theories of psychotherapy as we begin our course? What information stood out or surprised you when viewing the program “Getting It Together?” https://video-alexanderstreet-com.library.capella…. Which famous person or persons’ […]

We can work on Engaging the Organization in the Change Process

The final critical thinking assignment for this course requires a comprehensive Change Management Process, including its origination and implementation. To complete this project, address the following: Choose a Middle Eastern organization in which you are currently working, or with which you are familiar. Provide a brief description of the organization, including its history, number of […]

We can work on Quality of Care Goals

Any healthcare manager must have a primary concern for quality of care. In this assignment, you will put yourself in the position of Quality Managerfor an acute care hospital. You will be tasked with describing a quality improvement methodology and writing goals that are related to quality of care. To prepare: Read the case study […]

We can work on Cultural Literacy

Introduction: Cultural literacy is critically important when it comes to sending personnel overseas to live and work. If there are family members also moving overseas, their acclimation to the new environment may affect the employees ability to perform successfully abroad. Read the scenario and address the checklist items. Scenario:Sybil, as the global team manager, was […]

We can work on philosphy

Assignment Objective: Develop an audio-narrated PowerPoint presentation based on the research you have conducted about your chosen topic. All APUS students have access to PowerPoint and the rest of Microsoft Office (for Windows or MacOS) through the Resource Center link on the left. Assignment Instructions: Using the course project steps completed to date, you will […]

We can work on Sexual Abuse

You started by reading. You will end with reading. You wrote in the middle. You located, read, and considered a number of sources that reinforced your case study, and then you used your case study as a foundation for building your own persuasive essay. Now, you are almost ready to submit that essay but, before […]

We can work on Tax return

Nancy Yamasaki is a Chief Financial Officer for GoMax Corp. She is single (no children), age 45, and lives at 826 Vista Drive Street in San Carlos, CA 94025. Her social security number is 555-86-1212. Her W-2 for 2019 reads as follows: Earnings from GoMax Corp.: $188,000 2019 Federal Income tax withheld: $40,000 2019 State […]

We can work on Covid 19 Pandemic Effect

Consider yourself as Global Manager for a Medical Company (Medawa) that is leading chain of retail pharmacy in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and United Kingdom. This company uses digital solutions for their business, but it focuses heavily on its retails sales. However, due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the way how they do business has been […]

We can work on Any topic (writer’s choice)

Managing cancer care amid pandemics such as the global COVID-19 faces a numberof challenges and constraints, not only in relation to cancer care processes andsystems readiness to cope with, but also in relation to legal, social, ethical andprofessional (LSEP) issues. The situation becomes more severely challenged in theabsence of readily available national polices, processes, standards, […]