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Choose a social issue affecting life in the 21st century. Your job is to analyze the issue and its impact on society. Where did this problem start? What are the factors contributing to the problem? Can this problem be solved? Do you have a solution? Support your arguments using reputable websites (.gov, .org, .edu,), books, online journals, or any other means of obtaining information.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

Gender inequality
Black Lives Matter
Affirmative action
Standardize testing
White-washing movies
Nerd culture

Remember: This research paper assignment should be 3 pages and double-spaced.  It should answer all questions asked, feature complete sentences and strong paragraph structure, and be free from spelling/grammatical error.  They should incorporate information from the text as well as an analysis of the material.  Name, date, and journal number should be posted in the upper left corner.

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