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You started by reading. You will end with reading. You wrote in the middle. You located, read, and considered a number of sources that reinforced your case study, and then you used your case study as a foundation for building your own persuasive essay. Now, you are almost ready to submit that essay but, before you do, read it aloud to yourself. Theres something about reading your own work aloud that helps you to detach from it and hear it like your readers will hear it. Make any last-minute revisions. There is also something about rereading after you have written that increases comprehension and expands critical thinkingboth of which will help you hear and revise your own work.

Before you submit your Final Project, make sure that you follow these guidelines:

Include a title page
Double-space the body text
Provide 5 full pages of body text
Ensure you have utilized a minimum of 4 scholarly sources
Use 1-inch margins all around. (For most word processors, this is the default setting.)
Include a References page
Be sure to proofread for errors.

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