We can work on Community Hospital Emergency Department,

 As the manager of a community hospital’s Emergency Department, you have been tasked with developing a policy to prevent patients from receiving ED services for non-emergent conditions. Prepare a policy draft to be reviewed by the hospital’s leadership team. This team includes legal counsel, physicians and registered nurses, as well as chief operating, financial, and […]

We can work on Sexual Minority Youth’s Attitudes and Behavior

What is your understanding of Sexual Minority Youth’s Attitudes and Behavior? Also, talk about various factors associated with sexual minority behavior. In the next part of this essay, you are required to write and reflect on struggles (discrimination, bias, and violence) that sexual minority adolescents have to go through. Suggest some innovative ways to reduce […]

We can work on Do some designs match some programs better than others?

Description When considering your textbook reading and this module’s lecture, do some designs match some programs better than others? Why or why not? Give one specific example. Consider VRT and discuss one design which could be used with the program/clients/community/etc. ( one page in length) When considering the VRT program, which is more important- the […]

We can work on Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

8.1 Analyse and explain how Boeing demonstrated CSR during the term of Harry as CEO. (5 marks) 8.2 Explain the type of CSR theory used- (instrumental, political, ethical or integrative) and its importance? (5 marks) Apply ethical perspectives to a business context Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility Analyse and explain how Boeing demonstrated CSR during the […]

We can work on Implementing Enterprise Change Management at Southern Company

Assess Southern’s ECM system on the four dimensions of project success. How successful do you think this project is? CASE STUDY 11-1 Implementing Enterprise Change Management at Southern Company Atlanta-based Southern Company, a leading utility provider in the southeast United States, is valued by its 4.4 million electricity customers for its excellent service, and it […]

We can work on Mexican Economy 1970-1980

Write about what the government did to fix the situation and if it was effective or not.What did the government do during this time to either help or hinder the improvement of the economy? Consider what policies were put in place by the government. This is where you will discuss fiscal policy, monetary policy, and […]

We can work on Significance of Major Discoveries in Modern Biology

Discoveries in DNA, cell biology, evolution, and biotechnology have been among the major achievements in biology over the past 200 years with accelerated discoveries and insights over the last 50 years. Consider the progress we have made in these areas of human knowledge. Present at least three of the discoveries you find to be most […]

We can work on Mixed methods purpose statement

A mixed-methods purpose statement should include a rationale for combining both qualitative and quantitative data. Discuss the rationale for mixed methods and provide an example of each. Sample Solution Ambedkar observes that politics is to be realistic and not merely idealistic. He says that the political structure rests on the social structure; indeed, the social […]

We can work on What impact would this reduction in reliance have on the Congo, and even China?

In your own words, articulate the relationship between natural resources and digital business. Consider the connection between the amount/ frequency of digital media usage by consumers of entertainment-driven websites. Make an inference: how would broad public knowledge and perception of the procurement, sale and wholesale consumption of coltan impact your digital brand and industry as […]

We can work on Accounting Ethics Discussion Questions

Explain the safeguards that can be used to reduce or eliminate threats to audit independence. Do you believe the threats and safeguards approach establishes a situational or relativistic ethic? How might utilitarianism be used to evaluate the ethicality of permitting certain relationships when threats exist? Assume you disclosed information about a client. How would you […]

We can work on List and explain five typical firewall guidelines or practices.

There are many recommendations, guidelines, and best practices for firewall management. Some argue that an operating system’s host firewall software may offer sufficient security. Therefore, they suggest, all options should be evaluated before discounting the operating system’s host firewall software.    List and explain five typical firewall guidelines or practices.  Select two of the best […]

We can work on Identify perceived barriers within the management structure that may hinder the process of communication.

This competency will allow you to dissect examples of workplace communication and construct solutions using communication methodology. Instructions In your role as NoJax’s organizational behavior consultant, you continue to focus on the area of communication. Before this company can expand into other markets, there are barriers within their communication processes that need to be addressed. […]

We can work on Advanced Corporate Finance

Accountability for Financial Reporting Prepare detailed notes which consider how accountability for financial reporting and the integrity of reporting are influenced by ethical, governance and accounting standards. Differentiate between business ethics, governance and accounting ethics as controls on business accountability Assess the role of the finance director/chief financial officer as a guardian of business ethics […]

We can work on Do you work for an international organization or, does your organization recruit globally?

Part A (Chapter 12) 1. First, read the article, “HRIS Performance Monitoring Plan”. Based on the article and your textbook, please respond to the following questions: 2. Explain your previous or current organization’s performance management, compensation, benefits, and payroll system. Can these systems be accessed via one HRIS or does your organization use multiple systems? […]

We can work on Victimology Annotated Bibliography

This week’s required readings discussed crime victims’ participation in the criminal justice system and their legal rights and remedies. Evaluate empirical data regarding crime victims by creating an annotated bibliography of three scholarly articles on victimology. Each source on the annotated bibliography must have its own explanatory paragraph (annotation). Each of the annotations must Provide […]

We can work on North Country movie

Watch the movie: North Country directed by Niki Caro Discuss one moral and ethical breach by the company. For each breach, provide a suggested remedy that would protect the company from liability. (3 paragraphs is enough/one page) The assignment is very simple and basic if you have watched the movie and know about business law. […]

We can work on The Relevance Of The Professional Code Of Ethics

For this assignment you are to introduce the introduce Professional Codes of Ethics in general. Then you will pick the ACM or IEEE Code of Ethics and briefly describe it. You will then pick up to two related items and expand on those to support the notion that Code of Ethics are necessary, useful and […]

We can work on Discuss the implications of what the article has to say regarding your research question

Please identify 9 additional empirical, scholarly articles that represent at least 2 other social science disciplines from the article you chose in Initial Research Article Summary and Analysis.  Remember that your articles must represent at least 3 social science disciplines in total.    Your articles should reflect the current research on your topic (Gang culture […]

We can work on Basic economic principles/features of Mercantilism.

What is the mercantilist economic theory? Explain what mercantilists understood as wealth. What are the implications for this perception of wealth when it comes to things like trade, and the acquisition of goods for trade? From the Wilberforce, the article explains the economic justifications provided by the pro-slavery lobby for the continuation of the practice. […]

We can work on Impediments

Pick a Discipline. A discipline means an area of study or a career. You may choose your future career or study area (like advertising, teacher, physical therapist, lawyer, marketing, coach) or select one that is of interest to you. Peer: “I might choose Lawyer not because I want to be one but because I find […]

We can work on Fluvial process

Read a short article about the :Colorado River Delta in Baja California https://blog.nationalgeographic.org/2014/03/04/the-u-s-and-mexico-partner-to-save-the-colorado-river-delta/ and discuss the ideas being promoted. Write a minimum of 250 words In this discussion I want each of you to think and analyze a situation in which there are competing ideas about allocation of a limited amount of water. Discussion- Fluvial […]

We can work on Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership focuses on leadership that is genuine and real. Whether something is genuine and real may likely be in the mind of the individual evaluating it or experiencing it. Examine the usefulness of authentic leadership in organizations by identifying research that supports or refutes authentic leadership as a determinant of organizational or individual success. […]


Read TORTURE AND PUBLIC POLICY and discuss elements of accountability, in the case of Abu Ghraib (including to whom are U.S. forces accountable when dealing with prisoners of war?). Was the worst of it simply the actions of a few “bad apples” or was something more systemic at play in this case? Sample Solution the […]

We can work on HUM 112: World Cultures II Assignement 2

What Price Progress? Essay: Economic Change and Consequences. Chapter 28 of our class text has four short reading selections from Charles Dickens, known for his literary realism in the mid-1800s, when many struggled trying to adapt to unrelenting economic changes. The readings are Old Curiosity Shop (p.944); Sketches by Boz (p. 947); Dombey and Son […]

We can work on Book- Voices from Chernobyl

write about the Chernobyl disaster and the weeks following it from three voices/three perspectives: Pick three of these four or five: a) from the perspective of a nuclear scientist in Chernobyl, b) from the perspective of a wife of a liquidator, c) from the perspective of Mikhail Gorbachev, d) from the perspective of a child […]

We can work on Discuss the major procedures that investigators must use in order to collect network trace evidence of computer-related crimes.

“The Investigation of Computer-Related Crime”  Please respond to the following: From the reading, there are general principles that investigators must follow when they respond to any crime scene in which computers and electronic technology may be involved. Suggest at least two general principles for proper evidence preservation for stand-alone personal computers, networked home personal computers, and […]