Write my Paper Ethics, Leadership and Democracy

      1.On page 6 of Justice, Michael Sandel describes how his book deals with how individuals should treat one another, what the law should be and how society should be organized. These questions are about justice in Sandel’s view. Given Sandel’s view of Justice, did Stevenson believe the Walter McMillian case was one […]

Write my Paper Gulliver’s Travels

      choose ONE of the below options for the first essay   1) Voltaire a) In Voltaire’s Candide, point to and discuss specific passages in the text that present a particular belief as being absurd. For example, Cunégonde’s brother’s stubbornness regarding aristocratic lineage, any number of passages on the motivation for war, or […]

Write my Essay Accessing & Evaluating Evidence in Social Work Practice

Accessing & Evaluating Evidence in Social Work Practice Phase 3 (30 Points):  Write an 8-10-page paper critiquing a research article that assesses the effectiveness of a social work intervention. Each of the bolded titles shown below in items a through h should be a first-level APA header in your paper: a.    Statement of the Problem: […]

Write my Essay Designing and organizing curriculum

Designing and organizing curriculum Assume you are designing a curriculum that is standards based.  As a starting point you have put together the following questions to begin a discussion with your curriculum team: (Use your school information for this exercise.  If you are not in a school, you can pair up with someone in the […]

Write my Essay Tire gauge pressure sensor

Tire gauge pressure sensor tire pressure gauge as the instrument Report 1 topic: Pressure: Absolute pressure, Differential pressure, Gage Pressure Important operational characteristics to consider for appropriate Pressure instrument choice: 1. Accuracy, 2. Range, 3. Precision, and 4. Safety Introduction: A pressure sensor selection must ensure you do not lose a critical element of process […]


Create a Buzzfeed listicle on Buzzfeed on topic: NETWORKED SPCAES AND PLACES Order Description   USE A THEORY TO ANALYSE SOME PHENOMENON IN NETWORK CULTURE. TOPIC CHOSEN: WEEK 4 – NETWORKED SPCAES AND PLACES Each week we discuss a range of theoretical ideas and concepts and think about how these theories can help us to […]

Write my Paper How to reduce restrictive practice (Mechanical restraint or seclusion) in mental health nursing practice?

How to reduce restrictive practice (Mechanical restraint or seclusion) in mental health nursing practice? Order Description   Word count: 4,500 words Weighting: Contributes 50% to overall subject grade Aim: This assessment will assess the student’s ability to formulate a specific clinical question arising from practice and retrieve relevant studies. It will also assess the student’s […]

Write my Paper Screenwriting ring composition

  Screenwriting ring composition write a (2 page) story world creation myth as a ring composition. Context Ring compositions are amongst the earliest story structures on record. They come down to us through the centuries, but we still use many of the techniques and principles required for good ring compositions in our storytelling today. Ring […]

Write my Paper Why is education important for the Australian Economy.

  MAIN DISCUSSIONS – First section (300 WORDS)– Why is education important for the Australian Economy. (PLEASE USE ECONOMIC MODELS/THEORIES FOR THIS SECTION. VERY KEY FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT, FOR EXAMPLE HOW QUALITY EDUCATION CREATES A POSITIVE EXTERNALITY FOR THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT). – Second section (300 WORDS) – What is the current state of Australian education. […]

Write my Essay non-verbal communication

Instructions Students will write a research-based essay on a specific topic (students MUST choose either non-verbal communication or listening). Students are encouraged to research diligently and bring additional resources to the essay in addition to what has been covered by the textbook. Identify THREE key research highlights on a specific aspect of nonverbal comm or […]

Write my Essay American Scoundrel

American Scoundrel For your paper you will need the following guidelines: 1. Your heading will consist only of your name. You don’t need to put my name or your class because I know who you are, who I am, and what class you are in. So again, use nothing but your name. 2. You may […]

Write my Essay Pros and Cons of the Internet

Persuasive/Argumentative Paper on the Pros and Cons of the Internet    (1100-1300 words) Assignment: When considering the various aspects of the Internet, has the evolution of technology in the digital age been mostly positive or negative?  Utilize a minimum of 4 sources (2 from our readings and 2 that you find).  You must utilize direct […]

Write my Paper Promotional Plan

      Order Description   CASE STUDY Goodwill Wine is a social enterprise that helps charities and not-for- profit organisations to achieve their environmental, animal and human well-being goals (Goodwill Wine, n.d.). While the brand has successfully engaged female consumers, only 15% of its wine purchasers are men. A marketing communication plan is required […]

Write my Paper Disorders of the Veins and Arteries

    Order Description     Advanced practice nurses often treat patients with vein and artery disorders such as chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) and deep venous thrombosis (DVT). While the symptoms of both disorders are noticeable, these symptoms are sometimes mistaken for signs of other conditions, making the disorders difficult to diagnose. Nurses must examine […]

Write my Essay negative aspect of Cyberspace.

Cyberspace Persuasive/Argumentative Paper on the Pros and Cons of the Internet    (1100-1300 words) Assignment: When considering the various aspects of the Internet, has the evolution of technology in the digital age been mostly positive or negative?  Utilize a minimum of 4 sources (2 from our readings and 2 that you find).  You must utilize […]

Write my Essay Production and Operations

You are required to study the operating system of a well-established manufacturing / production or service organization of your choice e.g. ABI, SAB, Lonmin, Lancet, etc. The focus should be on the end-to-end production of one of their products or more. Operations Management is much easier to understand if you take this opportunity to look […]

Write my Paper Evaluating cost and Benefits

      Garrison Appliances Inc. Read the information below and complete Parts I and IIGarrison Appliances, Inc., is considering expanding its international presence. It sells 25% of all the toaster ovens sold in the United States, but only 3% of the toaster ovens sold outside of the United States. The company believes that it […]

Write my Paper class design part 2

class design part 2 Order Description   Using the Personal Class Design Project – Part 1 assignment you began in NUR-647E, you will complete the course design to include learner objectives, outline, teaching strategies, and associated evaluation, and method. Using Part I, write and revise the original learner objectives submitted. Use the A-B-C-D method of […]

Write my Paper Consider the following set of verbs in their literal meanings.acquirereceiveearnwininheritfindfinagleconfiscate Tasks:

    Consider the following set of verbs in their literal meanings.acquirereceiveearnwininheritfindfinagleconfiscate Tasks:1. Describe and name the shared frame that you can see is involved in the meanings of these words (or other words that you feel also make reference to that frame.) Say what the frame elements (“roles”) in this shared frame are, and state […]

Write my Paper Gold Coast  Attraction

Gold Coast  Attraction Order Descriptiond destination have been chosen for gold coast in australia This assignment requires students to describe and analyse the tourism infrastructure of a selected destination with emphasis on: – Analyse the number and quality of primary, secondary and tertiary attractions in the destination. How do they rate in terms of AIDA […]

Write my Paper Reflection – Radical Love Reflection – Radical Love

    Read both (below) and write your thoughts on the meaning of radical love. What made Christ’s teaching so revolutionary? How good are we at seeing it through today? The Beatitudes from the Gospel according to Matthew: "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they who […]

Write my Essay Secondary sources ; Research Paper

Research Paper The student will select any topic from the 1301timeline (1270-1865) and research their topic using 1 Primary sources and 2 Secondary sources incorporating into their paper 3 citations from each source they use and find to satisfy the requirements. The length of their research paper will be of 6-7 pages where they will […]

Write my Paper Children′s Book Arts Integration Lesson Plan

    Choose a children’s book and use it as the center or starting point and build the two-pronged lesson to combine literature with another art form—music, visual arts, dance, or theatre. Create a structured lesson plan that will actively engage the students with both the core subject—Language Arts—and one of the other arts. Identify […]

Write my Essay collateral damage

collateral damage Literature Review For this literature review, you must select to focus on collateral damage. Your literature review must be developed using 8-10 or more scholarly sources, which I have provided and will send the others to you. Regardless of your topic of choice you should conduct an article search within the online library […]

Write my Paper Biopsychosocial Development in Early Childhood

    Order Description         Prepare a written theoretical analysis of the attached vignette using a bio-psycho-social, person-in-environment theoretical perspective. The analysis should be thoughtful and directly responsive to the questions posed below. It must go beyond simply identifying, listing and/or defining concepts, terms, or ideas. Please apply theoretical concepts to help […]

Write my Paper Looking Around

  “Home, Sweet Bungalow Home (3-7)   (1) When the author, who is also a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, asked his students to design a small house, what was their response? (2) According to the author, what are some of the virtues of a small house? (3) When the author was a student, […]

Write my Essay History of Chicago

History of Chicago Choose one of the options below and write a paper (2-3 pages) Option 1 (Creative): Imagine you are a traveller to Chicago in its early years, 1830-1860. Write a letter home to relatives describing your experience in the city. While writing the letter consider these questions: How did you get to the […]