We can work on Internet marketing

a) How can countries with emerging economies make use of information technology? b) How is wireless Internet access likely to influence e-marketing around the world? c) What responsibility do you think e-marketers should assume for helping to close the digital divide? Do you think consumers and governments should assume some responsibility, as well? Explain your […]

We can work on Marketing Plan Report

Description a minimum 2,500 word report is due that consists of a very brief marketing plan for either the business you wish to start, or an existing business of your choosing. Executive Summary Situation Analysis Company analysis Customer market analysis Competitive market analysis External market environment SWOT analysis Marketing strategy Target Market Product Place Promotion […]

We can work on A Declaration of War

Read the case, “A Declaration of War: A Case of Competition in the Video Game Industry.” Does VGE set its transfer prices (i.e., royalty payments) more on market prices, costs, or some negotiated price? Explain using details from the case. Then, list one other issue the CFO should consider with regard to the structure of […]

We can work on Evolution of Crime Fighting

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper addressing the following: Future directions of crime fighting and its role in social policy implication. The potential for specific crime-fighting methodologies, such as using bio-metrics, implementing cyber-crime spyware, or mandating DNA collection programs. Evolving law enforcement and forensic technologies used to detect criminal activities. Possible civil liberty or ethical […]

We can work on Is Faith higher than the Universal?

  Introduction According to Kierkegaard, infinite resignation is the final step before faith, so that anybody who has not reached this movement has no faith. It is only in infinite resignation does one become conscious of his or her eternal validity; and only then can he or she speak of existence through the virtue of […]

We can work on An evaluation plan

In 500‐750 words (not including the title page and reference page), develop an evaluation plan to be included in your final evidence‐based practice project. Provide the following criteria in the evaluation, making sure it is comprehensive and concise: 1. Describe the rationale for the methods used in collecting the outcome data. 2. Describe the ways […]

We can work on Summary: Preface, Exordium, and Eulogy

  Summary: Preface, Exordium, and Eulogy In the preface, Johannes de Silentio who is Kierkegaard’s pseudonym starts a discussion about doubt and faith. He compares two sets of accounts regarding what it takes to achieve doubt. The first account is of modern world which subscribes to the notion that doubt is something that is easy […]

We can work on Analyzing Stockholder’s Equity

Review and study the following information related to stocks: Identify the types of stock, such as common or preferred stock, currently issued, and outstanding. Identify the presence of treasury stock and its impact on overall stockholders’ equity. Analyze debt vs. equity. Using the correct formulas and a separate tab for each analysis, calculate the following […]

We can work on Expanding to open offices in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Develop a supporting human resource (HR) plan for an organizational strategy. In a paper of 5 pages of text, offer your ideas for a promising HR assignment, development plan, and sustainment plan to support the strategy of an organization expanding to open offices in sub-Sahara Africa. Drawing from appropriate sources, develop a scenario that provides […]

We can work on How is a good life achieved?

How is a good life achieved? Buddha believes we should start with the recognition that we are part of an interrelated universe. Lao Tzu takes the interrelated nature of the universe to its most mystical depths. Confucius concentrates on the way we are a part of social structures. Plato believes we need to focus on […]

We can work on Internet marketing

a) How can countries with emerging economies make use of information technology? b) How is wireless Internet access likely to influence e-marketing around the world? c) What responsibility do you think e-marketers should assume for helping to close the digital divide? Do you think consumers and governments should assume some responsibility, as well? Explain your […]

We can work on Does Salomon still reign

Does Salomon still reign? Critically analyse recent case law on lifting the veil of incorporation to determine in what circumstances the courts are willing to pierce the corporate veil. Sample Solution kpackers have a tendency to be more flexible and enjoying their time. Australia, as an example Melbourne, has an massive mode of transportation like […]

We can work on Writing Based on Knowledge and Understanding

Read “A Powerful Tool: Writing Based on Knowledge and Understanding.” Then, prepare a five-paragraph essay identifying the author’s main idea and supporting evidence. React to the following questions: • What have I learned about my own writing process from reading this article? • How can I use this knowledge to become a more effective writer? […]

We can work on News article/video related to entrepreneurship

discussing at least one news article/video related to entrepreneurship by yourself Discussion Post Resource List Bloomberg Businessweek (Links to an external site.) www.businessweek.com Entrepreneur (Links to an external site.) www.entrepreneur.com Fast Company (Links to an external site.) www.fastcompany.com Inc. (Links to an external site.) www.inc.com The Wall Street Journal (Links to an external site.) www.wsj.com […]

We can work on User’s complaint about the performance of her Windows 7 computer

You are interning for a local firm and respond to a user’s complaint about the performance of her Windows 7 computer, which she says seems “sluggish.” Which features would you use in Task Manager to research her problem? Sample Solution dentifiers (fingerprints and image) at an Australia Visa application Centre (AVAC) in China earlier than […]

We can work on Nonprofit organization

Using the topic study materials, research a reputable nonprofit organization that serves people and the community as a servant leader. Create a 3-6-slide PowerPoint presentation, then record your 5-7-minute presentation using YouTube video or Loom that illustrates how the nonprofit organization you chose puts servant leadership into action. The content slides should provide detailed speakers […]

We can work on Nervous system discussion

Find a current news article regarding the nervous system. Please choose one of the following topics to find a news story about: spinal cord injury or research; Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis; cerebrovascular accident; epilepsy; stem cell research; Parkinson’s Disease; or brain tumor. Be creative when you find your current news dealing with one of the topics […]

We can work on A Case Study on Spinal and Peripheral Nerve Anatomy

Sarah Mitchell is a 68-year-old female who is normally healthy. However, about five days ago she began to feel very fatigued and started to experience a burning and tingling sensation on her right thigh. You ask to see the area and upon visual inspection you notice 3–4 small, red, swollen areas with vesicles on the […]

We can work on Young adulthood

The final paper for this course requires a selection of a particular stage in lifespan development. Select one of the following developmental stages: Prenatal Early Childhood Middle Childhood Adolescence Young Adulthood Middle Adulthood Older Adulthood After selecting a stage, you will be required to describe and analyze the following: Developmental theories specific to this life […]

We can work on Negotiation

This assignment involves finding, creating, or making use of an opportunity to negotiate something of value to you (e.g., negotiating with your spouse on where to spend the vacation, negotiating with a co-worker on the division of work responsibilities, negotiating with an internet manager in a dealership on purchasing a car, or negotiating to buy […]

We can work on Discussion: Virtue Ethics In Organizations

Sanjon has worked for the South Insurance Company for the past 23 years. He graduated with a top-notch accounting degree and also has his MBA. Bar none, Sanjon is considered by everyone in his organization to be a brilliant accountant. At issue is that Sanjon’s brilliance may be coupled with just a little too much […]

We can work on Fiscal and Monetary Policy Analysis

Write a 3 page long, doubled spaced, 12 sized font analysis where you briefly explain the Keynesian mechanism to enact fiscal policy when a recession sets in leading the economy to high unemployment and low GDP such as the 2007-09 Financial Crisis scenario. Explain in your own words which type of policy(expansionary or contractionary) would […]

We can work on Assignment 2: Process Recordings

A process recording is a written tool used by field education experience students, field instructors, and faculty to examine the dynamics of social work interactions in time. Process recordings can help in developing and refining interviewing and intervention skills. By conceptualizing and organizing ongoing activities with social work clients, you are able to clarify the […]

We can work on How is the word myth used in popular culture?

Resources: Week 1 readings and activities, University Library, internet   This week was an introduction to mythology and how it is viewed academically and in popular culture. The activities this week have focused on myths in different cultures around the world. In this assignment you will share what you learned.   Write a 525- to 700-word paper […]

We can work on Economic Systems

Provide an overview of economic systems. Discuss their most essential features. Also, reflect on their advantages and disadvantages. Sample Solution publications mentioned above conclude that making use of PNR data improves forecasting performance. The PNR data mining approach models cancellation rate forecasting as a two-class probability estimation problem (Morales & Wang, Forecasting Cancellation Rates for […]

We can work on Examining Texts Digital Brochure

Involving families and communities in the classroom learning will improve both student engagement and outcomes. One of the ways that families and communities can be involved in students’ learning is to inform them of the importance of various texts that support literacy development and how they can support learning at home.   Digital Brochure   […]

We can work on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Group Settings Versus Family Settings

As you might recall from Week 5, there are significant differences in the applications of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for families and individuals. The same is true for CBT in group settings and CBT in family settings. In your role, it is essential to understand these differences to appropriately apply this therapeutic approach across multiple […]

We can work on Knee Injury Case Studies

A 15-year-old gymnast has noted knee pain that has become progressively worse during the past several months of intensive training for a statewide meet. Her physical examination indicated swelling in and around the left knee. She had some decreased range of motion and a clicking sound on flexion of the knee. The knee was otherwise […]

We can work on SOC 100 Week 5 Presentation

Social change can require a large movement, or a small intervention, depending on the type of change you are trying to implement. This assignment helps you apply what you have learned this week to a situation in your community where social change may be necessary.       Review the Microsoft® PowerPoint® resources to enhance your presentation.       […]