We can work on The importance of AI in the field of disaster management

Write an essay research on importance of AI in the field of disaster management Sample Solution The struggle regarding the manage of weapons within the america of the us has expanded over time due to the accelerated number of folks who are injured and killed in civilian settings. the debate climaxed in 2012 whilst 20 […]

We can work on Autism Spectrum Disorder

A. Consult the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition and provide a description of Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as the diagnostic criteria used to make this diagnosis. B. Also consider how the disorder presents differently in children/adolescents versus adults. Are there differences in the diagnostic criteria based on age, if so what are they? […]

We can work on The Risk associated with The Republican National Convention

Using NFPA 1600 (Chapter 5 and the corresponding sections in Annex A) as a basis, explain the role of risk assessment in risk-based decision making in emergency management for your approved major public event. Include discussion of how risk-based decision making fits into the process of risk management and mitigation. Describe how risk-based decision making […]

We can work on Reasoning on school breakfast and Sales

Critically evaluate the following two pieces of reasoning in terms of their persuasiveness. Passage 1: School Breakfasts In my opinion, schools should not provide free breakfasts for all students. After all, nutrition is the parents’ responsibility and who’s to say that the school breakfast will be healthy anyway? Besides, I work hard for my money […]

We can work on Contrast media in abdomen CT

About this case study: This study focuses on a 54 year old male patient presented with dyspepsia and abdominal pain. Through tests, it is founded he has pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma stage T3N1M1 & hepatic metastatic deposits. This patient undervvent a 4 phase imaging CT of the abdomen. Questions I would like to be answered: 1. […]

We can work on Effective Coalition Leadership

Locate a state or national coalition advocating for your approved healthcare policy concem in the state of Ohio. Policy concern is: (opioid overdose especially among adolescents) Who are the coalition partners and is there an identified leader? Can you identify successes indicating strong leadership? What can you add to the content for your upcoming interview […]

We can work on Impacts of the Atlantic slave trade

Submit an annotated bibliography for your Final Project to the appropriate dropbox. Before beginning the bibliography, please examine the full Final Project assignment details. Your annotated bibliography should include at least three outside sources in addition to the course readings (assigned books, articles, films, etc) you intend to use and Voyages: The Transatlantic Slave Trade […]

We can work on Changing ethics

I do believe that ethics change over time. Certainly this article talks about ethics changing and has good examples, in general. http://www.rationalimmigration.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=265:do-ethics-change&catid=42:latest-news&Itemid=80 For this week try to imagine 20 years would how ethics could change for the role of the emergency manager. Give one example and state why you believe things would change. For example […]

We can work on Quality improvement to reducing the incidence of pressure ulcers aka bedsores in skilled/long-term care facilities.

(Sentara Lifecare) Identify a quality improvement opportunity in your organization or practice. In a 1,300 word paper, describe the problem or issue and propose a quality improvement initiative based on evidence-based practice. Apply “The Road to Evidence-Based Practice” process, illustrated in Chapter 4 of your textbook, to create your proposal. Include the following: 1. Provide […]

We can work on Property construction research report

To produce a comprehensive building report for a commercial property following the completion of an extensive property investigation into construction technologies and relevant town planning issues.You have been provided with a set of plans and specifications of a commercial industrial building at Lot 120 Bickley Street, Naval Base. The building selected is predominately constructed by […]

We can work on Financial statement analysis and film performance

The purpose of this assignment is to allow students the opportunity to present a business idea supported by strong financial information. The student will be able to identify the possible challenges of doing business in a foreign country and how to approach them. Financial Statement Analysis and Firm Performance Template Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation […]

We can work on Meeting Internship Target

Final Report 50% You will submit a final report based on the attached guideline. Keep in mind your final report is due both electronically on blackboard and via ‘hard copy’ (to my office door, 8-241). Final Paper Guidelines: Goal: Critically assess your internship experiences as well as consider their relationship to your coursework at Baruch […]

We can work on “Open Casket” by artist Dana Schultz

Paper details ~ Based on the 3 articles on the controversy surrounding the artwork “Open Casket” by artist Dana Schultz, write an essay that addresses the following: Describe the work at the center of the controversy. What was the subject? What was the artist’s intention? Give important details as if you were describing this to […]

We can work on Student Discipline

Student Discipline Posted on May 18, 2019 Updated on May 18, 2019 Review the school board policy and student handbook of your local public school site or district for information regarding their policies on short- and long-term suspensions of students. You may also obtain this information by interviewing an administrator at your chosen site. Based […]

We can work on Policy and Organizational Behavior

Assessment 4 Policy and Organizational Behavior Investigate your organization’s compliance rate with one specific core measure of your choice and write a 2-3-page (maximum) executive summary analyzing the financial and regulatory impact of organizational compliance with your chosen measure. Include recommendations for improving performance on the measure. (I work at a hospital as a RN […]

We can work on six PowerPoint presentation for this reflection

six PowerPoint presentation for this reflection Posted on May 18, 2019 Updated on May 18, 2019  Create a six PowerPoint presentation for this reflection What words come to mind? Select five-to-six words that relate to learning theories, implications of social and environmental factors on learning, interactions of development and learning, teaching strategies for accommodating diverse learners, […]

We can work on Technology And Assessment

Technology And Assessment Posted on May 18, 2019 Updated on May 18, 2019 Guided Response: Review several of your peers’ posts and respond to at least two discussing their answers. Examine the examples your peers gave for technology use within the higher education classroom. Suggest other uses of the current technology that they have suggested […]

We can work on Working for a consultancy specializing in innovation.

Write a brief report relevant to the areas identified in the scenario provided below. Scenario You are a small business advisor working for a consultancy specialising in innovation. A CEO of a small business startup approaches you for advice to help them decide whether their idea is viable as a business. They intend to create […]

We can work on Global Societal Problem, Argument and Solution

Global Societal Problem, Argument and Solution Posted on May 18, 2019 Updated on May 18, 2019 [WLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5] Prepare: Prior to beginning work on this assignment, please review this Sample Final Paper GEN499 for additional guidance on the expectations of this assignment. The topic of your […]

We can work on describe a curriculum theory

describe a curriculum theory Posted on May 18, 2019 Updated on May 18, 2019 Select an educational setting with which you are familiar and have some knowledge of the stakeholders.Part 1Select and describe a curriculum theory that you have studied that might, in your opinion, help stakeholders within that setting make decisions. Be sure to address […]

We can work on Stakeholders On Environmental Management Issue

Final Applied Project: Presentation to Stakeholders on Environmental Management Issue: Addresses Outcomes #1, 2, 3, and 4 develop and implement management plans that incorporate scientific principles and that comply with environmental laws and ethical principles in a team environment demonstrate quantitative reasoning and analysis of information obtained through literature review, sampling, field investigation, and monitoring […]

We can work on Security challenge of credit card processing

Write a business report discussing the security challenge of credit card processing on your business web site and complying with the PCI DSS. Sample Solution determine irrationality of a suicide if there was no way possible of the individual knowing; it can only be judged if there was no attempt to get it from reliable […]

We can work on First Amendment arguments

First Amendment arguments Posted on May 18, 2019 Updated on May 18, 2019 A student notifies you that she has been subjected to bullying through a classmate’s Facebook page. In 500-750-words, address the following: Steps you are required to take that are consistent with state statutes, your district’s school board policies, faculty handbook, and the […]

We can work on M8A2 Science In Today’s World – Reflections

Use APA style citations within the text and complete references in your reference page. This assignment will be a 750-1000 word (3 page) essay. It must include: 3 pages of text Include in-text citations for all quotations and any information paraphrased from sources. Only ideas from your brain do not need citations! Please see the […]

We can work on Healthcare Delivery And Organization

Healthcare Delivery And Organization Posted on May 18, 2019 Updated on May 18, 2019 Before the end of the week, begin commenting on at least two of your classmates’ responses. You can ask technical questions or respond generally to the overall experience. Be objective, clear, and concise. Always use constructive language, even in criticism, to work […]

We can work on The effects of sustainability and climate change influence

The effects of sustainability and climate change influence everyone, whether you may fully agree with the reports, or are a skeptic. This journal is assigned to help increase your awareness as well as get you to see the points of reference from both sides: believers and skeptics. The journal’s purpose is to help you reflect […]

We can work on Project Analysis

ls A summary of the project In this unit you have learned a lot from the subjunctive, which is a very useful structure. With the subjunctive you can recommend, advise, express doubt, influence and more. As you can see below, Carlos and Sofia have written a letter to their parents and they use the subjunctive […]