We can work on Fisker x2

You just received a second email from the Senior Fisker Management Team with the following questions. Your response will be forwarded out to the board.

1. The senior team recognizes that Fisker will likely have to think long-term about product strategy changes to the Ocean model. Based on your knowledge of product strategy and needed changes post-launch, what could some of the options that we need to consider? (Hint:  Week 3 Product strategy)

2. What are your recommendations for an integrated promotions strategy? Our marketing director is set on running television ads only.  Arent there some other strategies that we could consider beyond spending cash resources on primetime TV or Super Bowl ads?  What do you suggest to give us a well-rounded approach to integrated promotions? Make sure you discuss the pros and cons of each approach with your recommendations.

No other sources to be used. Number questions.

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