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Write an allegory, a story that teaches values using your knowledge about culture. Steinbeck’s The Pearl is considered an allegory because the story of Kino, Juana, and their baby reveals moral coding or a statement about life. Kino and to a leser extent, his wife learn about what is important in life and who to lay more prominence on what they value. The story or narrative should be a minimum of ten pages long and definitely be about a character learns from her experiences. Length 10 – 15 double spaced pages. Please include a title.

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Title: The Seashell’s Lesson

Once upon a time in a quaint coastal village, there lived a young woman named Marisol. Marisol was known for her love of collecting seashells along the shore. She spent hours wandering the beach, picking up shells of various shapes and colors, each one holding a special place in her heart.

One day, as Marisol was out collecting seashells, she came across a peculiar-looking shell that shimmered in the sunlight. She picked it up, marveling at its beauty and decided to keep it as a prized possession.

As days passed, Marisol noticed that the seashell began to lose its luster. No matter how much she polished it or cared for it, the shell seemed to grow duller with each passing day. Confused and saddened by this change, Marisol sought the advice of an old wise woman in the village.

The wise woman listened to Marisol’s tale and smiled knowingly. She said, “My dear, the seashell you hold so dearly is not meant to be hoarded or kept hidden away. Its true beauty lies in sharing it with the world, letting its radiance touch the hearts of others.”

Marisol was taken aback by these words. She had always believed that the value of the seashell lay in possessing it for herself. But the wise woman’s words planted a seed of curiosity in her heart.

Determined to unravel the mystery of the seashell’s lesson, Marisol decided to embark on a journey along the coastline, offering the shell to those she met along the way. With each person she shared the seashell with, she noticed a glimmer of joy and wonder in their eyes.

As Marisol continued her journey, she encountered Kino and Juana, a young couple struggling to make ends meet. Despite their hardships, they welcomed Marisol with open arms and shared stories of their own struggles and triumphs.

Moved by their resilience and kindness, Marisol felt a deep connection with Kino and Juana. She decided to gift them the seashell, believing that its true purpose was to bring light and hope into their lives.

To her surprise, as soon as Kino held the seashell in his hands, its radiance returned, shining brighter than ever before. The once dull shell now glowed with an ethereal light, illuminating the faces of Kino, Juana, and their baby with a sense of peace and contentment.

In that moment, Marisol realized the true lesson of the seashell – that its value was not in possession or material worth, but in the act of giving and sharing with others. Kino and Juana, in turn, learned to cherish what truly mattered in life – love, compassion, and the beauty of shared experiences.

And so, the tale of The Seashell’s Lesson spread throughout the village, inspiring others to seek out the true treasures of life and to embrace the power of generosity and empathy in their hearts.


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