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Write a one pare summary of the Cultural dimensions of doing business in Germany as a foreign beer company: (12) Cultural insights summary: This should be about a 1-page summary assessment of key guidelines for success when doing business in that country-how some of the cultural habits and differences are likely to impact doing business and the marketing and distribution of your product in that country, as well as marketing challenges.
A) Major religions, ethnic makeup, and languages
B) Major sports, recreation
C) Major differences in beliefs, values, customs and behaviors, the role of family
D) Unique business customs, etiquette, and practices one should be aware of when doing business in that country (time and decisionmaking, meetings, negotiations, business relationships, dress code, status, giftgiving, etc.)
E) Unique aspects of written, oral and nonverbal communications
F) Describe the countrys culture using Hofstedes model of cultural dimensions
(Power distance-hierarchy, Individualism/collectivism, Masculine/feminine, Uncertainty avoidance, Time)

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