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– Annotated bib, APA style with 4 sources (I have 2 sources readily available if need be)

Instructors Directions:

you will be responsible for locating at least four (4) reliable and scholarly academic references to support the information found in your BYOCS scene.

Examples include your textbook, the readings assigned for this course, and scholarly journal articles (such as those in the Journal of Forensic Sciences, Journal of Forensic Identification, and Criminology) found in the Library. Do NOT use regular websites.

Sources must be no older than 10 years as best practice.

If you are having trouble finding scholarly references, contact a librarian to assist you (see your syllabus for more information). In addition, you can access reliable websites, such as the FBI (FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin) and other governmental websites.

In addition, you will provide a one to two paragraph “summary” for EACH of the references and explain how it relates to your case information. This is known in some academic circles as an “annotated” reference page/ annotated bibliography . You will follow APA 7th edition formatting for this part of the project

** Note that the example provided by the university is the old 6th edition formatting so I have provided an updated template to reflect APA 7th edition in Doc sharing

Again, make sure that you are clear in your annotation about how the reference you have chosen relates to your specific case information.

***It is also best practice to include a singular reference section ( like you would at the end of any essay) at the end of the annotated bibliography as a recap of all of your references (also in alphabetical order).

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