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Any healthcare manager must have a primary concern for quality of care. In this assignment, you will put yourself in the position of Quality Manager
for an acute care hospital. You will be tasked with describing a quality improvement methodology and writing goals that are related to quality of care.

To prepare: Read the case study Door to Balloon (Percutaneous Coronary Intervention [PCI]2) in your textbook. You will not be answering the case
study questions provided in the textbook, but the following instructions will be based on the information in the case study. Your task is to begin the
improvement process for the issues presented.
Part 1: Using your textbook reading for this week, choose which approach to quality improvement you believe would work best for the case presented.
Describe the approach and explain why you chose it and why you think it is the best approach for the situation.
This section of the assignment should include in-text citations and the last page of the full assignment should be a reference page that relates to this
part of the assignment.
Part 2: Write 5 quality improvement goals related to the issues found in the case study. For more information on how to write goals, go here:
This offers great information. However, the way the goals are written is not ideal. They start with “USA County management will….”. Do not adhere to
that goal statement style. Instead, simply start every goal statement with an action verb. Following are examples of healthcare-related measurable

  1. Increase patient satisfaction survey results by 10% in 2020.
  2. Provide HIPAA training to 100% of all employees by end of year 2020.
  3. Decrease lab processing time so that 96% of lab results are on the patient chart within 24 hours of the lab order being placed.
    See smart writing goals for reference as well

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