Personal Statement

  Most of my favorite moments in life came in soccer games. That isn’t surprising, considering it seems like I spend the majority of my waking hours playing soccer. But the first half of one game was a rare time when I wished I wasn’t playing. It was a chilly December morning, although the cold didn’t […]

Peppercorn Dining Case Study

Peppercorn Dining is a college dining facility where Roger, Lynn and Erica, who happen to be partners from Square One, a consulting firm, are having lunch one afternoon when Drew Randall, Peppercorn’s manager recognizes Erica who had worked there a few years earlier. The consultants have a brief conversation with Drew, from whom they learn […]

Impact of Sarbanes Oxley Act on Corporate Culture

The Sarbanes Oxley Act has had a profound impact on corporate culture. Senior management employees are forced to ensure the accuracy of their financial disclosures, failure to which they might be liable to criminal prosecution. As such, they take financial disclosure very seriously and use rigorous processes to ensure that they are confident of the […]

Models used to Explain Cultural Differences

The most popular frameworks used in cultural analysis include Kluckhohn’s Value Orientations, Hofstede’s VSM, Trompenaars’ 7 Cultures, Lee’s Self-Reference Criterion, ethnocentrism and Fan’s Model of Cross-Cultural Management (Usunier & Lee, 2013). According to Kluckhohn & Strodtbeck (1961), there are five types of value orientations; relationship to nature orientation, time orientation, basic human nature orientation, activity […]


According to Friedman (2000 in Blythe & Zimmerman, 2005), globalization is the “inexorable integration of markets, nation-states and technologies to a degree never witnessed before-in a way that is enabling individuals, corporations and nation states to reach around the world farther, faster, deeper and cheaper than ever before, and in a way that is enabling […]

Voluntary Disclosures in Australian Corporate Sector

Introduction The main aim of this report is to analyze the sustainability standards adopted by Qantas Airways and Virgin Australia Airlines in a bid to determine their level of compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. To this end, the report highlights the operating activities of these companies in order to determine […]

Professional Ethics for Auditors

The main aim of this report is to highlight the professional ethics that govern Auditors in Australia. To this end, it will identify and discuss the fundamental principles of professional ethics and the applicable audit standards and sections of the Corporations Act. Other than that it will highlight the concept of “audit expectations gap” and […]

Professional Ethics

Professional Ethics Introduction             The first step to creating a successful business is having a clear business goal and purpose, one must be focused and have a well defined mission and vision which constitute the road map to business success. The entrepreneur should also come up with a business strategy which includes action plans aimed […]

Creating a Successful Business

Introduction             The first step to creating a successful business is having a clear business goal and purpose, one must be focused and have a well defined mission and vision which constitute the road map to business success. The entrepreneur should also come up with a business strategy which includes action plans aimed at achieving […]

Business process management and strategy

Advise Jack why a BPM approach should now become part of the way ‘Cullen Creative Cooking’ does business. A BPM approach should be incorporated into Cullen Creative Cooking Pty’s business model because the company has grown considerably since its inception and has since become departmentalized which implies that various tasks within the organization are accomplished […]

Financial Planning

Financial Planning Introduction This report will analyze your financial position in a bid to provide viable recommendations for future fund management strategies. To this end, your cash flow statement and balance sheet are prepared in order to determine how well you spend your money and how your spending habits have contributed to your overall financial […]


Econometrics Essay Help Generate two new variables, log of stock price, log(Pt), and log of production, log(Yt). Draw line plots for the time series variables, log(Pt) and log(Yt) separately. Table 1: Perform Augmented Dickey‐Fuller (ADF) test for log(Pt): with three lagged changes and intercept Table 3: Augmented Dickey‐Fuller (ADF) test for with three lagged changes […]

Forex Trading Strategy and Simulation

Executive Summary This report elaborates the trading strategies that were adopted during the trading exercise. Active trading was carried out between 13th April 2015 and 4th May 2015, during which 76 transactions were carried out including day trades, forwards and limit orders. Owing to the large number of transactions, the report only elaborates the strategies […]

BUACC 2614 – Management Accounting 2

Group Assignment “Are accountants the last hope for the world’s ecosystems?” (Watts, 2010) Accountants might not be the last hope for the world’s ecosystems but they contribute significantly towards their conservation. This is mainly achieved through sustainability reporting, which enables organizations to monitor the impact of their economic activities on the environment. A notable step […]

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

Discuss the issues raised in the above excerpts. Include your views on the role that the accounting profession can play in the demonstration of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development. Also, identify any problems that the profession may encounter in this process. Accountants might not be the last hope for the world’s ecosystems but they […]

Intellectual Property Rights Protection

Implications of “Raising the Bar” in Australia and New Zealand Due to globalization, intellectual property (IP) protection has become an international policy concern. IP owners are increasingly being threatened by the risk of imitation not only in domestic markets but also in foreign markets, more so in less developed countries (Park & Ginarte, 1997, p. […]

Cost Control Process

Introduction The main aim of the report is to elaborate the cost control process for a construction project. To this end, it will explore the operating cycle, budgets, earned value measurement system and strategies that will be adopted to address a possible cost overrun dilemma. The cost control process will entail cost monitoring, data recording […]

Case Study: Hector Gaming Company

Must objectives Must meet if impacts Develop an International Business Game for College Students Increase the number of new products per year, and marketing efforts Hire 15 new employees Implement Policies to enhance productivity of employees Provide fun and interactive educational games. Yes – Meets objective No – Does not meet obj. N/A – No […]

Bio Ethics

Bio Ethics Even though Mr. Tobias was apparently being tortured by the treatment, it was for his own good. The doctors were aware that refusing treatment was a common phenomenon among patients with similar injuries. Besides, the burn team that was attending to the patient had an excellent track record, which had seen them save […]

Evaluation of HRD Programs

HRD evaluation is “The systematic collection of descriptive and judgmental information necessary to make effective training decisions related to the selection, adoption, value, and modification of various instructional activities.” (Werner & DeSimone, 2009, p. 202) There are six general HRD evaluation frameworks, which include Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Framework, the CIPP framework, Brinkerhoff’s Six Stages framework, Kraiger, […]

Contact Isolation

Contact Isolation In the course of my first internship, I accidentally sustained a needle stick injury while testing a patient for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). As a medical practitioner, I was aware that this was perhaps the most common form of occupational exposure to patients’ blood so I was not alarmed by the incident […]

Issues in teaching the language of science to L2 speakers

Issues in teaching the language of science to L2 speakers Motivation I was intrigued by this particular topic because I have several friends from diverse cultural backgrounds who are challenged by the education system. We frequently assist each other academically and even though I appreciate the fact that these challenges are occasioned by their individual […]

The global retail industry Case Study

The global retail industry is dominated by a few key players, with Wal-Mart thumping its presence on several retail fronts. As aforementioned, Wal-Marts major competitors in general merchandise retailing include Amazon Inc. and Target Corporation (TGT) (Yahoo Finance, 2015). Other competitors include Costco in the warehouse club segment, and Kroger, Safeway and Albertson’s in supermarket […]

Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai Movie Review

Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai (Say…You Love me) is an Indian romantic thriller that revolves around Rohit (Hrithik Roshan) an aspiring singer who works as a car salesman in a showroom owned by Malik (Dalip Tahil). Rohit and his sibling, Amit, live with a Christian couple Anthony (Satish Shah) and Lily (Farida Jalal). Even though the […]

Woolworths Strategic Analysis

Woolworths Strategic Analysis Essay sample | Woolworths Strategic Analysis Dissertation Help Woolworths Limited is the largest retail company in Australia and New Zealand in terms of sales and market capitalization. The company also happens to be the largest food and liquor retailer and the largest hotel and gaming poker machine operator in the country. While […]

Understanding the Research Process Essay

Understanding the Research Process Essay Descriptive statistics The pie chart below illustrates that the employees who attended the training program were less likely to be absent from work due to sickness. This suggests that the staff training program is effective in combating upper limb injuries. Assuming that upper limb injuries constitute a significant proportion of […]

Employee Engagement Essay

1        Introduction According to Cook (2008) employee engagement is personified by an employee’s passion and energy towards customer service, which arises from their willingness and ability to give sustained discretionary effort to help their organization succeed. It is characterized by employees’ commitment towards an organization, their conviction in what it stands for and their preparedness […]

International Human Resource Management

What is International Human Resource Management? The field of international human resource management (IHRM) broadly covers all the issues related to the management of people in an international context. As such, it typically entails a broader perspective, more human resource activities, greater risk exposure, and broader external influences compared to domestic HRM. IHRM is also […]

Managing Projects and Supply chain Management

Supply chain management has evolved significantly since the inception of the company. First, in light of the increasingly high competition in the global business environment, the management has been prompted to establish business relationships with suppliers who are not only reliable but also offer competitive prices for their products and services (Antai, 2011, p. 1107). […]

DL Analysis

The main focus of your analysis should have been the similarities and differences between the financial statements obtained from the company’s website and the financial statements obtained from the Securities Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database. This analysis would provide valuable insights about the actual financial performance of the company, thereby putting you in a better position […]