Economics of Transportation

Term paper (divided in two parts) : Economic issue in transportation economics – Example: congestion, to many dead people, etc. 1. First part: Issue, importance, theory – Five to six pages, typed and double-spaced. – It will identify and describe a transportation issue of importance: included in this description is the economic theory composing the […]

Discuss the market structures and ownership that existed prior to 1972 and the ones which emerged after privatisation in 1989. What economic factors contributed to the restructuring of the water industry?

for the References you should use the one that they give plus 2 more of our choice. The academic level should be about IELTS 6.5 and they should use three sources that they gave us and 2 sources of our own.       Details: Access the “Counselor Ethics and Responsibilities Assignment Guidelines.” You will […]

How has managing people changed in the global economy?

First, read “Strategies of Persuasion,” pages 30-40, posted under “Required Readings in Moodle.” Next see “Logos, Ethos, and Pathos in Advertising PowerPoint” listed in “Important Resources” section in Moodle. Choose an ad that interests you that we have not yet discussed in class. This can be any ad that you like in my presentation. Finally, […]

(Econometrics needed) The effect of Chinese government’s taxation policy changes on tobacco sales

instrustion in general (detail instructions uploaded in additional materials) what needs to be changed and done: amend literature review, better methodology with better explanations, more independent variables that may also affect tobacco sales should be included, and the other parts of dissertation. econometric: need to use SPSS to do unit root test, co-integration test and […]

Look at instructions

Final Paper: Expansionary Economic Policy Prior to beginning the final assignment, review the following chapters: Chapter 7: Classical Macroeconomics and the Keynesian Challenge Chapter 9: Taxes, Government Spending, and Fiscal Policy Chapter 12: Banking and The Federal Reserve System Chapter 14: Monetary Policy In Theory And Practice Focus of the Final Paper In an effort […]

The USA and the Kyoto protocol

A paper of 15 pages. Why the USA did not inter the Kyoto protokol- the background, futur, economics reason etc. Comments from Support Team: what ever i asking fro is no answer from you. but plz. check this. and is it possible for you to make this assignemt? and ofcourse not too difficult language ? […]

please finish assignment 1-6 separately

please finish assignment 1-6 separately, total pages 28. High quality please! each assignment better comes with sources. This assignment required to read the book called ” Naming the System: Inequality and Work in the Global Economy” by Michael D. Yates But i only have the paper, and i could not find the E-book. Let me […]


Read Chapter 7 and follow the format to write quiz Quiz Format Knowledge: Surface level questions that express/explain overall ideas from the reading. Application: A question that shows application of student’s experiences to core concepts in the reading. Analysis: A compare/contrast application of two concepts from one chapter. Synthesis: A question that compares/contrasts concepts from […]


I will upload all the information for the assignment After you read the assignment look at these steps below 1) You do not need , row.names=NULL in > LDC<-, row.names=NULL),header=T, row.names=NULL)you should have five num- bers not larger than 50; 2) you should have five numbers not larger than 72; 3) > L CD(Deletions,); […]

Economy and environment

use only credible academic journals, government websites, textbooks, newspapers, or association websites for your research.  read the guidelines and 2 short summary of the content of the course


Samuelson and Marks, Chapter 1, Problem #3, p.22 Suppose a soft-drink firm is grappling with the decision about whether or not to introduce to the market a new carbonated beverage with 25 percent fruit juice. How might it use the six decision steps to guide its course of action? Complete this essay in a Microsoft […]

Correlation coefficient

Assignment 1: Discussion Using one of the two formulas cited in this module calculate the correlation coefficient using the following values presented below. Once you have completed your calculation, discuss the following: Is there a statistically significant correlation between customer service attitude scores and number of overtime hours? State the research question and testable hypothesis. […]

Economics question

Assessment Task 1 a) Which cost driver probably would be most suitable for allocating overhead costs? Machine hours Using machine hours as the cost driver, what overhead recovery rate will be used for the year   Product A requires ½ hour of machine time and Product B requires 3 hours. What are their overhead costs […]

assignment 2-1-3

Question 1. Macroeconomic topics do not usually include: a) the profit maximizing decisions of an individual manufacturer. b) economic growth. c) the rate of inflation. d) the rate of unemployment. Question 2. When nations desire a healthy macroeconomy, they typically focus on three goals, one of these being: a) low inflation b) balanced budget c) […]

Econometrics Research Paper

Econometrics Research Paper. Your assignment is to write an original econometric research paper, using the IPUMS CPS data, accessible at , to research an economic question of your choice. Your paper should pose a question, develop a hypothesis, and then apply the econometric skills developed in class to analyze the issue empirically. In addition […]

Impact of Sarbanes Oxley Act on Corporate Culture

The Sarbanes Oxley Act has had a profound impact on corporate culture. Senior management employees are forced to ensure the accuracy of their financial disclosures, failure to which they might be liable to criminal prosecution. As such, they take financial disclosure very seriously and use rigorous processes to ensure that they are confident of the […]

Voluntary Disclosures in Australian Corporate Sector

Introduction The main aim of this report is to analyze the sustainability standards adopted by Qantas Airways and Virgin Australia Airlines in a bid to determine their level of compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. To this end, the report highlights the operating activities of these companies in order to determine […]


Econometrics Essay Help Generate two new variables, log of stock price, log(Pt), and log of production, log(Yt). Draw line plots for the time series variables, log(Pt) and log(Yt) separately. Table 1: Perform Augmented Dickey‐Fuller (ADF) test for log(Pt): with three lagged changes and intercept Table 3: Augmented Dickey‐Fuller (ADF) test for with three lagged changes […]

Labor Mobility in Europe

Explain the labor mobility in Europe Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.

Agricultural Development

-Agricultural Development Question of the essay: What role is played by agriculture in the structural transformation of developing countries? Is this role consistent with a decline in agriculture’s share of GDP? What is your opinion about GM? Ps: GM means Genetically modified crops ( plants used in agriculture). Looking for the best essay writer? Click […]

Cost Control Process

Introduction The main aim of the report is to elaborate the cost control process for a construction project. To this end, it will explore the operating cycle, budgets, earned value measurement system and strategies that will be adopted to address a possible cost overrun dilemma. The cost control process will entail cost monitoring, data recording […]

Corporate Law Essay

How often and when must companies hold an annual general meeting? According to section 250N of the Corporations Act, public companies must hold an annual general meeting (AGM) within 18 months after their registration. After the first meeting all subsequent meetings should be held at least once every calendar year and within five months following […]

Managing Projects and Supply chain Management

Supply chain management has evolved significantly since the inception of the company. First, in light of the increasingly high competition in the global business environment, the management has been prompted to establish business relationships with suppliers who are not only reliable but also offer competitive prices for their products and services (Antai, 2011, p. 1107). […]

DL Analysis

The main focus of your analysis should have been the similarities and differences between the financial statements obtained from the company’s website and the financial statements obtained from the Securities Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database. This analysis would provide valuable insights about the actual financial performance of the company, thereby putting you in a better position […]

Product Harm Crisis

Define a product harm crisis. A product harm crisis entails a publicized event in which a particular product line is found to be defective or even dangerous (Heerde, Helsen, & Dekimpe, 2007). The crisis can distort a brand’s or company’s long-term favorable equality perception, devastate its hard-earned brand equity, cause significant market-share and revenue losses […]

Commodity Chain

write about one specific commodity- something that is available for purchase locally in Vancouver, BC Canada. Select a spefic brand or make of product or even just one particular product made by a company. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.


1.What makes someone a successful entrepreneur? What characteristics are needed? In recent years who have been some of the most influential and profitable entrepreneurs? 2.Do you really think that producers take the time to calculate AFC, AVC, ATC, MC or any of the other concepts presented in this module? 3.In what ways do implicit costs […]