Current Event Write Up 3

13th October 2015

MGMT 2698

Professor Gerald Alcantar

Current Event Write Up 3

This article is in regards to “Glaser Organic Farms” creating a hostile work environment in their kitchen. An employee, Debora Velasquez is discriminated by her employers, her employers called names such as “the chocolate one” and “negra”. Debora also included that the managers made comments such as “You Mexicans are ignorant, Mexicans are lazy, and Mexicans are stupid”. After Debora filed a suit, she was then fired because Glaser claims that she is not trusted in the kitchen anymore. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission cannot tolerate this therefore, Glaser Organic Farms is sued for discriminating its employees and categorizing its employees in view of their ethnicity, race and skin color.

Such action made by Glaser Organic Farms is violating title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In chapter 3 we learned that the civil rights act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex and national origin in employment-related matters. According to the information given by Debora, Glaser is clearly violating this law. The board of directors should take actions immediately. They can resolve this by apologizing to Debora and firing the managers who discriminated her. Managers that do not follow rules and treat their employees unequally should not be in Glaser. They need to make sure that this does not happen anymore because a suit can cost them a lot of money and complication.

Glaser is not the only company who has this kind of discrimination. In Chapter 5, we learned that, “Hispanics who are White have higher incomes and lower unemployment and poverty rates than Black and other-race Hispanics.” (8) This statistics shows that companies in U.S is more willing to hire people who are “Whiter” than others. People like Debora, who are darker in color, will find it difficult to find jobs because of the discrimination. For Debora’s case, she was employed but her employers treated her unequally.

The EEOC made it clear that discrimination cannot be tolerated. The trial attorney for EEOC said, “Discrimination based on a person’s national origin or the color of one’s skin is unacceptable in the workplace”. I agree with what he has to say, actions needs to be done in order to decrease discrimination in a workforce.



EEOC Sues Glaser Organic Farms for Discrimination Based on National origin and Color. (n.d.). Retrieved October 14, 2015.

Class source, power point “Ch. 5 Latinos/Hispanics”.

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