Research paper on Community Policing

“Write an essay critically evaluating the structure and function of police organizations in the U.S. Your paper must include an analysis of both the identified goals and outcomes of the police organization as they relate to your topic.” The prompt I chose was “The community policing model in identifying and responding to crimes” While I’m […]

Professional Ethics

Professional Ethics Introduction             The first step to creating a successful business is having a clear business goal and purpose, one must be focused and have a well defined mission and vision which constitute the road map to business success. The entrepreneur should also come up with a business strategy which includes action plans aimed […]

Organizations in Crisis

Review the news looking for stories about companies or organizations in crisis. Discuss, the resulting impact on the organization’s reputation. Is the story mostly fact, or driven more by opinion? Consider the role of public relations in managing a crisis. What about advertising, marketing and managing the ‘brand?’ Looking for the best essay writer? Click […]

Statements and Messaging

For each of the following scenarios, who would you contact 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and how would you get those messages out (communication vehicles)? Write a statement that includes key message points for each of the four scenarios. An explosion at your plant has killed seven workers You are closing one of your three plant […]

Employee Engagement Essay

1        Introduction According to Cook (2008) employee engagement is personified by an employee’s passion and energy towards customer service, which arises from their willingness and ability to give sustained discretionary effort to help their organization succeed. It is characterized by employees’ commitment towards an organization, their conviction in what it stands for and their preparedness […]

Annotated Bibliography–Comm Marketing, IMC

Provide a perfectly formatted APA annotated bibliography for the research paper topic. Successful IMC Marketing: Moving Beyond the Nash Equilibrium and into Game Theory with Cognitive Psychologists The standard economic models used to study marketing communications usually focus on game theory and the use of the Nash equilibrium. Economic theorists who use these models view […]

Acute pancreatitis.

Health and Illness in popular culture Please choose an illness that you have little existing knowledge about and follow media coverage about it over the duration of this course. You may delve into the recent past (up to 5 years) as well. Please target a variety of mediums (minimum 5) and cite at least 20 […]

Distinctiveness of a culture and organization’s values.

The organization choose from “Apple”, “Google”, or “Microsoft” Choose a business organization well-known for its “culture”. Write a paper. Discuss the distinctiveness of the culture and the organization’s values identify behaviors of employees that are a directly tied to the values and culture. Discuss the roles impacts of internal communications and management styles. Explain why/how […]

overcoming a crisis.

Lesson 1: Effective leadership is critical to overcoming a crisis. Who should be in charge during a crisis? Chapter 7: LEADERSHIP Lesson 2: Leaders should be visible during a crisis. Why are they frequently invisible? Chapter 7: LEADERSHIP Lesson 3: Leaders should work to develop a positive company reputation during normal times to build a […]

Film Analysis.

view and prepare a conflict analysis on the film the BATTLE OF ALGIERS. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.


1) Critically analyse Mr Todd’s journey in the film Outsourced using communication theories and concepts studied on the course (. In the same essay, reflect on an incident when you entered a new cultural space and discuss whether you were successful in overcoming the difficulties through communication and how? If you were unsuccessful, could you […]

TV show analysis "grandfathered pilot episode"

The episode this paper should be analysis is “grandfathered” pilot season 1 episode 1, here is the link you can watch this episode online: Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.

Communication Strategy.

Do-Good Funders, is a highly ethical fundraising company and charges non-profits only the actual cost for developing and implementing fund-raising campaigns. You are the director of communications at Do-Good. • Your general goal is to develop a campaign to attract non-profit organization as clients. State your strategic goal in the first sentence of the response. […]