Tips for writing Outstanding Scholarship Essays

Introduction Separating one’s scholarship from the masses is daunting. Despite meeting the criteria to perfection, there is still the likelihood of similarity in goals, activities coupled with aspirations. Therefore, in writing the scholarship, it is fundamental to examine the most basic points to ensure uniqueness. As such, the scholarship essay forms a foundation towards having […]

Sample Paper on Target Costing & Lifecycle Costing Systems Comparison

Target Costing & Lifecycle Costing System Introduction Letscommunicate Ltd produces mobile phones for sale in supermarkets. In today’s competitive market of mobile phones with short product life cycles, it is important for mobile phone producers to develop and market products that not only meets the customers demand for features at a certain price level but […]

Sample Paper on Corporate Governance Arrangements for Tesco

Corporate Governance Arrangements for Tesco Essay Question: Research and evaluate the corporate governance arrangements for Tesco PLC Tesco Plc, one of the largest food and beverages retailers in the world is a non-cyclical company that has seen enormous investment from around the globe including Warren Buffet’s parent firm Berkshire Hathaway. On grounds of the company’s […]

Sample Paper on What were the distinctive features of the Manchester school of anthropology?

What were the distinctive features of the Manchester school of anthropology? Structural-functionalism, which dominated British social anthropology for much of the twentieth century, interpreted society in terms of its institutions. Institutions provided society with its structure and worked together to keep society, a bounded unit, in a state of equilibrium. A person’s role or position […]

Sample Paper on Arts of the Renaissance period

Arts of the Renaissance period Essay Introduction Some of the artists known for their work of art in the Renaissance period consist of Giovanni Bellini, Leonardo Da Vinci, Titian, Michelangelo and Raphael. The Renaissance was a time period in which stunning sculptures and artwork increased all over the world (Denna’s World: The Renaissance, 2008). It […]

Sample Paper on Art Concept Article

Art Concept Article Journal entry for Readings This essay provides a very good understanding about Art and I found it very interesting. Art is basically a conceptual concept. In other words, it can be defined as a creation, which is created by the will of person. As per my study, different forms of art exist […]

Sample Paper on The Interrelationship Between the Systems of the Human Body

The Interrelationship Between the Systems of the Human Body Introduction This essay will consider the structure and function of the 11 systems within the human body. It will detail the interrelationship between the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system and between the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. It will then explain the roles of […]

Sample Paper on The Fossil Records and Theories of Evolution

The Fossil Records and Theories of Evolution. Introduction In general, the term ‘evolution’ can imply a drastic or gradual change from a very broad perspective. Life on earth, the universe,galaxies, as also the earth in general have evolved through millions of years. In this essay we consider only one aspect of evolution emphasizing on evolution […]

Sample Paper on Conflict Between Greek Revival and Gothic Revival

Conflict Between Greek Revival and Gothic Revival The Greek Revival and the Gothic Revival are terms that carry specific meanings in relation to the history of architecture. What did they represent at the time and what was the nature of the conflict between the respective adherents? The Gothic Revival represented chiefly two things: firstly, in […]

Sample Paper on Organizational Chart and Operations Chart section of the “Strategic Plan” resource

Question description For the Strategic Plan assignment, you will work throughout the course to create a market entry plan (entrepreneurial), a market expansion plan for an existing organization, or a mergers and acquisitions plan that seeks to increase your organization’s competitive advantage. Complete Part 3 of the Strategic Plan assignment according to the directions in […]

Sample Paper on Case study – Social Media Research Centre

Question description Case study – Social Media Research Centre During a meeting with his boss (David Wright), Bruce has been asked to establish a researcher centre. The research centre, which will commence operations in February 2018 first as an informal research group, should be established by June 2017. Alex’s decision to proceed with this major […]

Sample Paper on Assignment Help

Question description Assignment You are members of a dining room management team for a full-service restaurant. Your team is experiencing a decrease in revenue for the last few months, and you need to reflect on and isolate areas of improvement to boost revenue. The process requires that the team look at the overall plan of […]

Sample Paper on Social Media Research Centre

Question description Case study – Social Media Research Centre During a meeting with his boss (David Wright), Bruce has been asked to establish a researcher centre. The research centre, which will commence operations in February 2018 first as an informal research group, should be established by June 2017. Alex’s decision to proceed with this major […]

Progress Assignment Essay Dissertation Help

Get Started! International Relations Question 1: Explanation of Zewei’s Article             Zewei’s article discusses about the recurrence of the worldviews that were based on the Chinese Imperial system in the contemporary debates of China’s international relations. A theoretical focus is applied in order to determine on how the world outlook and China’s International positioning have […]

Microsoft excel

I’ll upload excel file and the instruction. all you have to do is make the changes in the excel file by following the instruction

Strategic Marketing Report

Introduction As pointed out before, Joe Schmoe was content with his initial evaluation of the three products and as such, he did not make any effort to monitor the external environment in order to adjust the company’s marketing strategy accordingly. Instead of maintaining the project in an “autopilot” mode, I monitored the environment very closely […]

Plan for Assessing Positive Environment for Student Learning

A positive environment for student learning relies heavily on classroom management and structure and a climate that facilitates student success. The Assessment of an positive environment of student learning will therefore entail an evaluation of how classrooms are managed and structured to facilitate student success, whether such environments foster a conducive climate for students to […]

The data relates to credit approval decisions

The data relates to credit approval decisions, particularly whether or not a client is approved for credit depending on their credit score, years of credit history, revolving balance, revolving utilization and home ownership status. The natural dependent variable to be predicted is the credit score, which is dependent on the years of credit, the revolving […]

Amazon Vs Ebay

Finance 210 Group Case Analysis Dr. Samer Saade Done By: Laian Hammoud Leen Kurbah Anas Rihawi Mona Zahran   Introduction: Amazon is an American multinational electronic commerce company. It started as an online bookstore, however after some time it grew much larger to an extent where it diverged and started selling all sort of things. […]

Current Event Write Up 3

13th October 2015 MGMT 2698 Professor Gerald Alcantar Current Event Write Up 3 This article is in regards to “Glaser Organic Farms” creating a hostile work environment in their kitchen. An employee, Debora Velasquez is discriminated by her employers, her employers called names such as “the chocolate one” and “negra”. Debora also included that the […]

Personal Statement

  Most of my favorite moments in life came in soccer games. That isn’t surprising, considering it seems like I spend the majority of my waking hours playing soccer. But the first half of one game was a rare time when I wished I wasn’t playing. It was a chilly December morning, although the cold didn’t […]

Running Head: LIBOR and EURIBOR

What went wrong with the LIBOR and EURIBOR? The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) and the Euro Interbank Offered Rate (EURIBOR) are crucial to the global financial system because they act as a reference or benchmark for the rates pricing of derivative products which are traded in massive amounts (Royal Bank of Scotland, 2012). Additionally, […]

Questions to Address in the Dimensional Fund Advisors Case

1.     Why does DFA have so many products focused on small stocks and on value stocks? Watch the interview below with Gene Fama to help inform your answer. While small stocks are intuitively perceived to be risky because they are less capitalized and more vulnerable to financial shocks, there is a popular misconception that value […]


1        Executive Summary. 2        Company Background Marks and Spencer plc is a major British multinational retailer that specialises in selling of clothing, home products and luxury food products. The company was established in 1884 by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer in Leeds and is currently headquartered in Westminster, London. It is listed on the London […]


1        INTRODUCTION According to the efficient market hypothesis, particularly the semi-strong form efficiency, market prices reflect all publicly available information including information contained in historical data and information contained in current financial statements. As such, any attempts to generate abnormal returns by using fundamental analysis technique such as examining financial statements, industry and lifecycles will […]

Impact of Sarbanes Oxley Act on Corporate Culture

The Sarbanes Oxley Act has had a profound impact on corporate culture. Senior management employees are forced to ensure the accuracy of their financial disclosures, failure to which they might be liable to criminal prosecution. As such, they take financial disclosure very seriously and use rigorous processes to ensure that they are confident of the […]