capstone project

I want you to do the capstone project. I made this paper as a template for you to make it easy and understand the steps for this project [email protected], I wrote an introduction of my life and please read it and rewrite it again and fix the mistakes to be matching with all writing project […]

Electronic Waste Recycling

Congratulations! The leader of your country/state/region recently signed into law a piece of legislation that you authored that requires the recycling of electronic waste as a way to protect the environment. Unfortunately, you discover that much of this electronic waste is being loaded into containers and placed on cargo ships heading for countries in the […]

Models used to Explain Cultural Differences

The most popular frameworks used in cultural analysis include Kluckhohn’s Value Orientations, Hofstede’s VSM, Trompenaars’ 7 Cultures, Lee’s Self-Reference Criterion, ethnocentrism and Fan’s Model of Cross-Cultural Management (Usunier & Lee, 2013). According to Kluckhohn & Strodtbeck (1961), there are five types of value orientations; relationship to nature orientation, time orientation, basic human nature orientation, activity […]

Professional Ethics for Auditors

The main aim of this report is to highlight the professional ethics that govern Auditors in Australia. To this end, it will identify and discuss the fundamental principles of professional ethics and the applicable audit standards and sections of the Corporations Act. Other than that it will highlight the concept of “audit expectations gap” and […]

Professional Ethics

Professional Ethics Introduction             The first step to creating a successful business is having a clear business goal and purpose, one must be focused and have a well defined mission and vision which constitute the road map to business success. The entrepreneur should also come up with a business strategy which includes action plans aimed […]

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

Discuss the issues raised in the above excerpts. Include your views on the role that the accounting profession can play in the demonstration of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development. Also, identify any problems that the profession may encounter in this process. Accountants might not be the last hope for the world’s ecosystems but they […]

Intellectual Property Rights Protection

Implications of “Raising the Bar” in Australia and New Zealand Due to globalization, intellectual property (IP) protection has become an international policy concern. IP owners are increasingly being threatened by the risk of imitation not only in domestic markets but also in foreign markets, more so in less developed countries (Park & Ginarte, 1997, p. […]

Employee Engagement Essay

1        Introduction According to Cook (2008) employee engagement is personified by an employee’s passion and energy towards customer service, which arises from their willingness and ability to give sustained discretionary effort to help their organization succeed. It is characterized by employees’ commitment towards an organization, their conviction in what it stands for and their preparedness […]

International Human Resource Management

What is International Human Resource Management? The field of international human resource management (IHRM) broadly covers all the issues related to the management of people in an international context. As such, it typically entails a broader perspective, more human resource activities, greater risk exposure, and broader external influences compared to domestic HRM. IHRM is also […]

RETHINKING THE COLOR LINE -Ten Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Race Relations

“Ten Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Race Relations” According to Gallagher (2012) there are ten simple things one can do to improve race relations. These include talking to your family, avoiding stereotypical language, acknowledging that racism is not funny, being introspective, being a good citizen, appreciating the fact TV rap and rock appeal […]

Grant Audit

Grant audits are an important part of the assurance process, which is aimed at ensuring the proper use of government funds and facilitating decision making on the disbursement of the latter. Grant Audit process generally helps the government to decide whether or not a grant should be renewed in accordance with predetermined performance-based principles. Grant […]

Environmental scanning report.

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Values-Based Organization

Discuss an organization within the public sector (government, health care or nonprofit) with which you believe that your values are most closely aligned, or with which you would like to have your values more closely aligned. Think specifically in terms of “creating value” or “claiming value” as was discussed by Bolman and Deal in the […]

Crisis Communication.

develop a short summary of transparency in crisis communication focus on the following aspects of the issue:  Define what it means to be a transparent organization  Identify and briefly explain the variables an organization needs to consider in making decisions about what information should be shared and what should not  Explain how […]


1) Define diversity in your own words and explain why the baby boomers are the most diverse generation so far. 2) Design an assisted living community that can incorporate the needs of a diverse generation, the boby boomers. Describe in detail the activities that you would have, as well as other policies and rules that […]

The role of property taxes in financing local government operations. 1.Explain why U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once called States “laboratories of democracy.” Should states serve as “laboratories of democracy”? Is it useful and/or practical that national policy often is initiated at the state level? Are there any potential problems to such experimentation? Should there be more regulation over public policy at the […]