E-Marketing plan

The subject is E-Marketing. our product is “Smart Furniture and we would like to be establish in Dubai we have to decide a business model example either brokers, retailers or advertising only about smart furniture. and in respect for the subject we have ti create later on a blog to advertise on it . Develop […]

Managing organizational culture

  Critically analyze whether organizational culture can be managed and consider the advantages and disadvantages associated with building strong cultures. Your answer should include discussion of theory and examples covered in weeks 1-5 of this module.   Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Then look no further. Our team of […]

community’s current efforts to deter or prevent juvenile delinquency

community’s current efforts to deter or prevent juvenile delinquency through incarceration programs or other sanctions. Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you: Identify at least two (2) juvenile delinquency reduction efforts / programs currently in operation in your community. Determine the main sociological theories that underlie these interventions that shape your […]

How the government has impacted public policy.

  Choose an example of how the government has impacted public policy. For example: Social Security Act, the Affordable Care Act, the 18th Amendment (the Volstead Act), No Child Left Behind, the US PATRIOT Act, the 16th Amendment (income tax), the 19th Amendment (right of women to vote), or a topic of your choice. Analyze […]

Healthcare facility’s preparedness plan

According to the Department of Health and Human Services (2002), the nation’s capacity to respond to bioterrorism depends largely on the ability of clinicians and public health officials to detect, manage, and effectively communicate in advance of and during a bioterrorism event. Prepare a narrated presentation, using PowerPoint or other similar software, detailing a bioterrorism-related […]

leadership and decision-making concepts

Which of the leadership and decision-making concepts have had the greatest impact on you as a decision leader? Also, how might you apply those concepts within the context of your local organization? Importantly, how have those concepts helped you to improve as a decision leader seeking to influence your organization to become more competitive in […]

Cultural Influence on Human Organization

As a senior manager in a medium-sized but highly profitable equipment manufacturing organization, you and other senior leaders have decided to partner with another company on several projects of mutual interest. Your company has the financial strength and market strength to join the partnership, and you have negotiated a tentative agreement with the other company. […]

The Vacation Request

  Tom Blair has a week’s vacation coming and really wants to take it the third week in May, which is the height of the bass fishing season. The only problem is that two of the other five members of his department have already requested and received approval from their boss, Luther Jones, to take […]

Preparedness and Response to Bioterrorism

  There are different categories of weapons of mass effect—chemicals, biological pathogens and toxins, radioactive materials, nuclear devices, and nonconventional high-yield explosives. Out of these, biological weapons are used in a terrorism type called bioterrorism. According to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), there are the six focus areas for preparedness and response […]

Cost of Goods Manufactured and Cost of Goods Sold

Lang products had the following beginning and ending inventory balances for April 2009. 4/1/09 4/30/09 Raw Material Inventory $18,000 $20,800 Work in Process Inventory 85,200 50,800 Finished Goods Inventory 43,200 14,700   All raw materials are considered direct to the manufacturing process. During April, the company purchased $260,000 of raw materials. Direct labor cost for […]

Having a Fair division

Question 1 What does it mean to have a fair division of something? Does a fair division mean that you will always get the biggest/best portion? Is it possible that you will you envy the portions of other players? Question 2 In her story, “A White Heron,” Sarah OrneJewett includes the following description: “The woods […]

Using the pairwise-comparisons method to find the winner of the election.

1.A group of students were asked to vote on their favorite horror films. The candidate films are: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, The Babadook, Cabin Fever, and Dead Snow (A, B, C, D for short).The following table gives the preference schedule for the election. Use the pairwise-comparisons method to find the winner of the election. 2.Three […]

Ethical Issues in Psychology

As you gathered by now, ethics are a central concept to any career in psychology. As you noticed in the case studies, ethical issues are sometimes unclear and solutions to ethical dilemmas are often difficult to determine. As a professional in psychology, it is important to know how to identify an ethical issue, think through […]

Piaget's and Vygotsky's Theories of Development

  The psychologists highlighted this week researched and developed their theories many years ago. Since then, new information and thinking about child development and learning has emerged. For example, there is currently an ongoing debate about the role that language plays in cognitive development and learning. Piaget believed that a child’s self-directed speech reflects his […]

Importance of real-time data warehousing

Organizations require faster decision making to be competitive in today’s marketplace. Data is coming in faster and requires immediate conversion. Real-time data warehousing (RDW) is also known as active data warehousing (ADW). RDW is the process of loading and providing data via the data warehouse as it becomes available. For this discussion, explore the following […]

How coca cola company does capacity planning and forecasting

How coca cola company does capacity planning and forecasting Analyze the product or service layout of Coca Cola and how the company does capacity planning and forecasting. Search the company’s Web site and other available sources to determine the methods of forecasting, process or service design, layout planning, and capacity planning. Additionally, if the company […]

Apple supply chain process

Create an MS PowerPoint Presentation which you evaluate the current state of the process you selected in Week Two and summarize the proposed future state.  Describe the company’s supply chain Identify a process internal to the company that you wish to analyze. Describe the process internal to the company that you wish to analyze. Identify an […]


1. Explain the objection that utilitarianism renders men cold and unsympathizing. What is Mill’s reponse? 2. Why would someone say that “utilitarianism is a doctrine worthy of swine?” Place your order now for a similar paper and have exceptional work written by our team of experts to guarantee you A Results Why Choose US 6+ […]

Andragogy and self-directed learning

First, select one (1) of the following scholarly journal articles to review: •Merriam, S. B. (2001). Andragogy and self-directed learning: Pillars of adult learning theory. New Directions for Adult & Continuing Education, 2001(89). (13 pages)(Attached) Next, write a three page review of the selected article in which you include the following items. Note: Make each […]

Warehouse Health and Safety Risks

Chapter 7 (excellence in warehouse management by Stuart Emmett) provides a detailed discussion of warehouse health and safety risks. These include risks associated with layout, floors, heating, noise, housekeeping and fire. Review these risks, and in a two- to three-page paper (not including the title and reference pages), present a risk assessment of a warehouse. […]

The Progress Report

The Progress Report is intended to update your sponsor on where you are in the process of coming to recommendations. Ideally, the progress report will communicate raw data (data collection) and start working toward data analysis (making meaning from the data/rating the options). The raw data are the results of your Usability Test. You will […]

Case Study Tyco company

Review the Case Study on the Tyco company which appears in your textbook at the end of Chapter 11, pp. 345-346. After reading the case, let’s start the discussions with these questions. 1. How did the turnaround team use Gerard and Teurf’s transformation skills (discussed earlier in Chapter 11) to overcome the frustrations of employees? […]

Case Study: ElectriGov

Unit V Case Study In any team, problems will arise and team members will have questions about the conflict and how to resolve it. Members across departments must collaborate and contribute to the resolution of any unhealthy form of team conflict. Based on Case One: ElectriGov (found on page 177 in your textbook), answer the […]

Managing Multidisciplinary Professionals by Combining Assets and Activities

For this assignment, review the Combining Assets and Activities case study in Section 7.3 of your course text.This is the course text  Baack, D. E. & Fischer, A. (2013). The essentials of managing in the healthcare industry. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.   Then, thoroughly address the following points in your paper: Describe the vertical and horizontal […]

Hypothesis Test

Investigate Iphone usage in Australia and perform a hypothesis test. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.

Inequality Forum

1 Should a development model be rejected because it produces inequality? If so, what degree of inequality is unteneable– you may describe this in terms of political or practical consequences (i.e. the emergence of a socialist movement or homelessness). If not, how can democratic practices be sustained in the face of the inequality produced during […]

welfare payments

Imagine you are on welfare. Based on what you know about welfare today, what do you think your life would be like ? Describe your housing, your food, your daily activities and your family and friends. Next identify the services that would be helpful to you. Why did you choose these services? The second phase […]

Diseases analysis

List three diseases you’re interested in researching further. Write at least one paragraph for each disease listed explaining why you’d like to learn more about that disease. Why do you think the disease requires further study? Part 2: Your Epidemiology research report seeks to identify one of the diseases that are currently on the rise […]