System Processes Assignment help

Cite at least 3 scholarly references within the last 5 years. Address: Provide a thorough analysis of managed care and discuss how it, as a delivery method, has facilitated the transfer of health services to outpatient and other nontraditional settings of care. Discuss the impact managed care has on the access, financing, and delivery of […]

Application updates and scripting of subsets

Installation and updates of software applications can consume considerable time. Software vendors face challenges in software distribution and often turn to Internet solutions to provide their customers with readily available, easy-to-use software installations and updates. Network administrators face similar challenges within corporate network environments and can utilize many of the same techniques for software deployment. […]

We can work on DACA Assignment, Should this policy be extended as is or not

Policy analysis is client-oriented advice relevant to public decisions and informed by social values. The canonical comprehensive written policy analysis frames an undesirable condition as a policy problem, specifies social goals relevant to the problem, systematically assesses the impacts of alternative policies in terms of the goals, and makes a recommendation based on the assessment. […]

Stress Nursing Assignment

For the journal article, you will be integrating the article and its content into your paper to highlight its significance to your chosen field of study rather than merely citing it. You will be using the journal article to discuss its relationship to one of the concepts or topics you have selected as important to […]

We can work on SPSS assignment

Statistics play an important role in global management. With SPSS, comparison of means analyses can be conducted, and thus assess performance and/or productivity. General Requirements: Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment: • Doctoral learners are required to use APA style for their writing assignments. The APA Style Guide is located […]

We can work on Reflection #3: Privilege

SOCI 1301 Reflection #3: Privilege Objective: This purpose of this assignment is to analyze and understand the way privilege has impacted your life thus far. As mentioned during lecture, we all have privilege(s) of some kind. Some have more, others have less. In conjunction with the handout on privilege (posted on Blackboard), think through the […]

Ethics Assignment Help

1. Offer a solid definition of social contract and natural law. Then show from our readings and discuss how these theories inform the foundation of the government of the United States, and also undergird principles of the civil rights movement in the exemplar of Martin Luther King Jr. Cite specific philosophers and their principles in […]

Harlem Renaissance Assignment Help

Core Assessment Critical Research Essay Argue that a particular work best represents its time period or literary classification as organized in the text: • Harlem Renaissance 1919-1940 Any evaluative essay (one that argues for the best, the worst, etc.) must provide the criteria for that judgment. You will find that criteria in your text introductions […]

Goal Statement Essay: Goals as a doctorate prepared nurse practitioner

Prepare a well-crafted essay (300-500 words) that communicates to the Admissions Committee your goals as a DNP prepared nurse practitioner. Use one or more of the DNP Essentials to help articulate your goals: I want to use essential number 5: health care policy for advocacy in health care. My goal as a DNP prepare NP […]

Biology and Technology in the Real World Assignment Help

Assignment Information Instructions Written Assignment: Biology and Technology in the Real World Addresses course outcomes 1-4: recognize and explain how the scientific method is used to solve problems make observations and discriminate between scientific and pseudoscientific explanations weigh evidence and make decisions based on strengths and limitations of scientific knowledge and the scientific method use […]

We can work on Unit II Homework

Instructions For this assignment, you will begin by reviewing Applying Psychology to Everyday Life: Paying Attention to Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder on pp. 87–88 of the eTextbook. Now, imagine that you are a university psychology professor. One of your students, John Doe, was recently diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), combined presentation. He has e-mailed you and […]

Contractor Performance from Award to Conclusion

Instructions: Using the course material and individual research, discuss the means by which the government can encourage a performing contractor to comply with the contract requirements for a complex acquisition. Suggested Sources: Far, DFARS, and One Outside Source – Must include verifiable in-text citations (i.e., Far/DFAR Sections, number, letters 52.201-2(1)(iii)(a)(b)(c) etc. —also outside source must […]

Classification of K12 students

Research the implications of equal protection for K-12 students within one of the following groups: Classifications based on English language learners; Classifications through ability grouping/tracking; Classifications in academic programs based on gender; Classifications in sports programs based on gender; and Classifications to assign students to specific schools for racial balance. In a 500-750-word essay, address […]

Why do you suppose that left-wing domestic extremism has declined in recent decades while right-wing extremism has increased?

Why do you suppose that left-wing domestic extremism has declined in recent decades while right-wing extremism has increased? Make sure to read the New Yorker article “Rogue Element” and the textbook to sufficiently answer this question. Writing Guidelines: 1.5 page minimum or 400 words. 12 font, Times New Roman 1-inch margins double-spaced Title of essay […]

The Road Not Taken Academic Essay

The poem, “The Road Not Taken” This essay should be a 750-1000 word essay focusing on the poetry we have read during Weeks three and four. This essay will be the first in which you will use some sources. While it should primarily use passages from the poem to discuss as evidence, it should also […]

We can work on Problems in Profession Report Assessment

Objectives: To research your chosen profession, to write a three-to-five-page report in APA format, to use APA documentation for sources Topic: Research your chosen field, looking for problems or issues within the field (avoid the topics of salary and schooling).  Find at least three problems.  The problems chosen should be problems that a person encounters […]

“Gods at War” Academic Essay

Introduction and Purpose of Assignment Priorities are an important consideration in so many aspects of our lives. How we spend our time and our money reflect the priorities we have. As members of organizations we also help to set the organizational priorities. This paper examines the impact of priorities in both a personal and organizational […]

Four Loko Case Study Assignment

Phusion Projects, LLC was founded in 2005 when three friends from Ohio State University had the entrepreneurial idea to start their own company. From this company came the Four Loko product that caused much panic in the fall of 2010. While news reports focus on Four Loko’s ingredients – caffeine and alcohol – the real […]

Anticipatory care of physiotherapy Academic Essay

Anticipatory care has been explained in the literature as approaches, which aim to prevent the development of long-term conditions as well as supporting the management of people who currently suffer from them. For health professionals, the move to adopting ‘anticipatory care’ signals opportunities and challenges in optimising care/service delivery. Aim of the Module To provide […]

Argumentative Essay

Your goal in this essay is to argue for a positive shift in dealing with this problem by convincing readers to accept and participate in that change. You will have the choice of argument, but do not, for this paper, pick an issue or argument that is too large to deal with in 6-7 FULL […]

The Quadroon Females Academic Essay

In George Washington Cable’s “Tite Poulette” and Grace King’s “The Little Convent Girl,” the authors address the precarious position of the quadroon female. Although the outcomes of these narratives are quite different, there are many parallels between their fates. Analyze the similarities and differences between Tite Poulette and the little convent girl.

Ethical Component of the Malpractice Case

Instructions:Ethical Component: In this section, you will evaluate the case to identify the specific ethical issues and determine ethical theories and shared decision- making models that would help resolve the issue and provide a safe, quality healthcare experience. Then, you will propose and defend ethical guidelines for healthcare providers to follow in order to avoid […]

Assessment Task 2: Decision Theory in Practice (Online and Face to Face)

Task description: In this assessment task, you may choose from any three decision themes of five themes provided. Discuss the application of the concepts covered in each theme and why these are important to you now as a manager and for your organisation. What is important here is your ability to discuss the concept, especially […]

Assessment Task 3: Case Study (Online and Face to Face)

Task description This question allows you to choose from one of two options. Option 1 – To complete your assessment based on the Conroy Manufacturing Case Study provided below, or Option 2 – Choose a complex multi-stage decision case study from your own organisation. The same two questions and criteria apply to both options. However, […]

Nautifans A Prehistoric Civilization

For this option you will select a prehistoric civilization or site that is significant for world prehistory. You will research the subsistence strategies of that civilization and its environmental interactions researching also diet, health, and technology of the civilization. Prehistoric Groups/Sites * Natufians (Middle East) Your paper should address the following: 1) Geography: Describe the […]

Formal Proposal

FORMAL PROPOSAL INSTRUCTIONS—PART 1 Choose one of the following two scenarios and write approximately 5 pages as part of a formal proposal. University-Related Proposal Write a formal proposal in which you propose a change in some features of Liberty University. You may choose from 3 of the following: Operating procedures Admissions Academic advising Curricula Activities […]

Discussion Assignment & Peer Responses

Requirements Step 1:  Choose Topics – Choose a minimum of 3 aspects of Emotional Intelligence (EI) to research for your post. You should include a definition of EI in your paper.  It should have an in-text citation. Examples include but are not limited to:  What characteristic makeup EI? Is it a valid concept? Is it an inborn trait? […]

Food Ethnography

Assignment Requirements Food Ethnography Field Notes Write-Up 1) Take the “jottings” you made during 1.5 hours of observation and type them into an expanded narrative of what you observed (This means that you should write descriptive text of what you observed. You must write in complete sentences). The minimum length for this part of the […]