Staffing Plan for a Growing Business

•Explain the role of staffing to support an organization’s strategy and improve productivity. •Develop a model for staffing an organization that supports the firm’s Human Resources Management strategy and sustains productive operations. •Summarize the key legal compliance issues associated with staffing organizations. •Explain the planning considerations for staffing organizations, the use of job analysis, and […]

Layoff/Severance Scenario

  After eight years as a marketing assistant for the New York office of a large French bank, Sarah Schiffler was told that her job, in a non-revenue producing department was being eliminated. Her choices: She could either be laid off (with eight months severance pay) or stay on and train for the position of […]

Identification Terms and Concepts

For each of the following concepts, provide a brief definition, a description of its historical development, a clarification of its contextual implementation, and, wherever appropriate, an explanation of the ramifications on the regional and international relations and on outcome of public policy. Irredentism Counterfactuals Balance of Power Balancing Bandwagoning 1. To ensure a favorable outcome […]

Sustainable human resources management

  ASSESSMENT ONE – INDIVIDUAL ESSAY LO2 Identify and explain the concepts of leading and managing others in respect of current and key theories of leadership and management. Yes LO4 Analyse complex situations through the synthesis of ideas taken from a range of sources and to diagnose problems,& devise solutions to a range of contemporary […]


Part I You are an action officer in your local jurisdiction’s Office of Homeland Security. This is a recently-created office. As a medium-size jurisdiction, the city manager’s office has dual responsibilities with many of the leadership and management positions. This is often referred to as being dual-hatted. The Chief of Police has been assigned as […]

The management information systems

Complete the following for this assignment: • Compare and contrast the management information systems (MIS) in place in 2 distinctly different organizations. • Compare each organization’s use of information systems to help manage internal operations and to make decisions. • Assess how these two organizations use information technology for competitive advantage. • Appraise the individual […]

Forensic Psychology

Do entire class five papers and five discussions ASAP APA format for papers and all references FOLLOW RUBRIC Wk 1 disscusion Due sat 24 Discuss the differences between civil and criminal courts. Is the line between these two courts absolutely definitive? If not, what types of cases might “blur the line” between both courts? Can […]

declaration of independance

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What is the fastest algorithm for multiplication of two n-digit numbers? What is the fastest algorithm for matrix multiplication? Can integer factorization be done in polynomial time on a classical computer? Can the discrete logarithm be computed in polynomial time on a classical computer? For a custom paper on the above topic, place your order now! What We Offer: • On-time delivery guarantee • PhD-level […]

what corruption is in international business

Using the textbook information, CSU Online Library, and the website for Transparency International, prepare a memo to the senior management team of a company, explaining what corruption is in international business and why it is an important issue. Specifically, how do you see bills of exchange as a way to minimize corruption in financial transactions? […]

The Role of Internet-Enabled Platforms for Entrepreneurial Firms. or The Role of Relational Capital for Entrepreneurial Firms

choose one topic only from the following 1. The Role of Internet-Enabled Platforms for Entrepreneurial Firms. The essay should provide the state-of-the-art of the literature on this topic, based on relevant academic journal articles. A clear method should be elaborated for selecting the journals and articles to be analysed. Students should provide a critical review […]

Designing the framework for a communications manual for an organization

You have been appointed the vice president of the human resources department at a fictional multinational organization. It is your job to design the framework for a communications manual for this organization.  The communications manual should contain best practices, company recommendations and scenarios all targeted at organizational communication.   The board of directors wants to […]

Business Administration

As the founder and owner of an upstart electronics firm, you see the need to develop a framework for managing innovation and entrepreneurship. Explain: How you will encourage your employees to think like entrepreneurs. How you will identify, select, and evaluate potential breakthrough ideas. Your system for ongoing monitoring and assessment of the external environment. […]

critical thinking

for this critical task, you will write a 2-3 page paper. Complete the following steps: Conduct research on the web for an editorial argument from a credible news source. The article should be clearly listed as an “editorial.” For example, you may choose an article from the Bloomberg editorials or Los Angeles Times editorials. Write a 2-3 page […]

Why organizations use strategic planning

“You earn your living helping businesses and organizations implement strategic planning.  It’s often hard to do, but it pays well.  You have just been asked to address a group of public sector organizations, including government agencies, IGOs, and NGOs.  They are interested in strategic planning but do not currently undertake any strategic planning. You want […]

Reflective report

  The clinical reflective report should be a report demonstrating consistent reflection on experiences and learning throughout the clinical placement. You are required to comment and reflect upon 1 experience or behaviour gained/observed during your clinical replacement. You are to describe the event and then reflect upon the behaviours of staff, along with your own […]

Customer Service:

Customer Service: Career Success Through Customer Loyalty by Timm, 5th edition, 2011 The real issue when working with customer solutions is: not whether the customer is right. making sure the customer feels justified and helped. both a and b neither a nor b Deciding that the customer is always right is: less effective than deciding […]

Prominent Business Leaders

For this project, students will research several business leaders to discover their views on leadership skills needed for the 21st century. Required Elements of Project One: •Research prominent business leaders and their views on the leadership skills needed for the 21st century. •Select at least one large corporation (fortune 500 company) leader, one medium sized […]


ALGEBRA HOMEWORK Directions: Please show all of your work for each problem. If applicable, you may find Microsoft Word’s equation editor helpful in creating mathematical expressions in Word. There is a tutorial on using this equation editor in Module 1 Lecture Notes. You also have the option of hand writing your work and scanning it. […]

Research Methods & Statistics for Criminal Justice

Develop a questionnaire or interview with a minimum of 10 questions that address the criminal justice issue that you have selected. Make sure your questions are clear, concise, and unbiased. Consider the responses you might receive. Will these responses provide answers to the research question? You must use each of the 4 question types (open-ended, […]

Modern Cuba

Analysis of the current government. What are issues that you see with this government? And why?  Need 9 modern examples.  APA format The minimum number of sources and citations for your short paper is three sources and citations for two quotations or paraphrases. There is a word count for the notes 1200 words. For a […]

STEP vaccine clinical trial—Phase IIB

Between 2004 and 2007, the National Institutes of Health conducted a STEP vaccine clinical trial—Phase IIB “test-of-concept” study. The STEP study is the name of a clinical trial to test an experimental human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) vaccine. The STEP study enrolled 3,000 participants at sites in Australia, Brazil, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru, […]

Social Computing

In this activity we want you to choose one of the social networks below and investigate the technologies that are needed to make it work. Then we want you to find software components that could be assembled together to build a similar service. These could be Open Source or commercial software. Finally we want you […]

Human Population

You will write a research paper about the demographic transition model and global food production and distribution for a growing human population to meet global food security goals. You must use APA format for the paper and documentation. Include the following: Describe the demographic transition model and how it was developed by demographers. Describe the […]


SWOT Analysis Based on your unit reading, create a SWOT analysis for the company you chose to research. Your analysis should be between one to two pages, and identify the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Use Microsoft Word and create four sections for your paper using the SWOT categories as your headings. Each category […]

Bank reconciliation for Xenon inc

Xenon, Inc.’s August 31 Banl Statement had an ending cash balance of $2,657. On August 31, Xenon’s general ledger showed a balance of $860. After comparing the general ledger to the bank statement, the following items were noted:   – Outstanding checks, $2,250 – Interest paid by the bank, $12 – An NSF check from […]

Theory Versus Theory Versus Theory

Prior to engaging in this discussion, please read the “Constructivism in Theory and Practice,” “Rona’s Story and the Theory of Symbolic Interactionism,” and “Symbolic Interactionism and Critical Perspective” articles, and review any relevant Instructor Guidance.  Respond to at least two of your classmates by Day 5 (Saturday).  Comment on at least one of your classmates’ responses to your initial […]

accounting period

May 31 Adjusting Entries Machinery costing $65,500 was acquired on September 1 of this accounting period. It is estimated to have a useful life of six years. The machinery is estimated to have a $7,000 value at the end of its six-year life. For a custom paper on the above topic, place your order now! […]

business writing letter and invite

Part 1: (Part 1 length :1 page only) Find a sample letter or memo on the Internet. In a memo to your instructor, discuss why you believe the letter is effective or ineffective. Discuss how the content, organization, style and design are effective/ineffective. Then make suggestions for improvement.   Part 2: (Part2 length: 2 pages […]

completing character trait

• Choose one character trait among the following: a. Professional judgment b. Values c. Competence d. Objectivity e. Integrity f. Confidentiality g. Independence h. Discipline • Define in your own words the character trait that you selected and what it means to you in terms of appropriate business and professional conduct. • Research your state’s […]