Why organizations use strategic planning

“You earn your living helping businesses and organizations implement strategic planning.  It’s often hard to do, but it pays well.  You have just been asked to address a group of public sector organizations, including government agencies, IGOs, and NGOs.  They are interested in strategic planning but do not currently undertake any strategic planning. You want their business.  To support your presentation, you want to give the group examples of why strategic planning makes sense for different types of organizations.

Think of two (2) specific reasons why each of the following organizations should use strategic planning.  The reasons need to relate to what you believe to be their mission and issues.

a.  The (Maryland) Governor’s Office of Homeland Security

b.  The World Bank

c.  The International Committee of the Red Cross(www.icrc.org)

d.  The Department of Foreign Affairs in Iraq

Your answers may be brief, but be sure that they are complete.  This is an open book and Internet assignment, but you may not discuss it with anyone.
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