Ethics Release Form

You must not proceed with your research until the ethics release form (Appendix 6) has been signed by your supervisor (dissertation tutor). Any research which is undertaken without the supervisor’s signature will be deemed as unethical and as such, it will not be allowed to proceed into the marking process. Supervisors will advise you on […]

Treatment of Animals

Treatment of Animals 1. Singer argues that there is no moral justification for denying moral consideration to animals. a. Can you think of a reason why our moral consideration should include all humans regardless of their level of cognitive ability, yet denied to non-human animals simply because they have lower levels of cognitive abilities (though […]

Principles of Ethics for Internal Auditors

Review the article Principles of Ethics for Internal Auditors Made Manageable (attached) Based on your readings and review, write a 2 to 3 page paper, applying the multi-step professional practice model to the following Case Study: Example Case: As An Internal Auditor, For Whom Do You Work? In this example, you are an internal auditor […]

Defending a killer

Your first big case is a multiple murder. As defense attorney representing the killer, you have come to the realization that he really did break into couple’s home and tortured them in the course of robbing them of jewelry and other valuables. He has even confessed to you that he did it. However, you are […]

Impact of Sarbanes Oxley Act on Corporate Culture

The Sarbanes Oxley Act has had a profound impact on corporate culture. Senior management employees are forced to ensure the accuracy of their financial disclosures, failure to which they might be liable to criminal prosecution. As such, they take financial disclosure very seriously and use rigorous processes to ensure that they are confident of the […]

Models used to Explain Cultural Differences

The most popular frameworks used in cultural analysis include Kluckhohn’s Value Orientations, Hofstede’s VSM, Trompenaars’ 7 Cultures, Lee’s Self-Reference Criterion, ethnocentrism and Fan’s Model of Cross-Cultural Management (Usunier & Lee, 2013). According to Kluckhohn & Strodtbeck (1961), there are five types of value orientations; relationship to nature orientation, time orientation, basic human nature orientation, activity […]

essay papers( ethics)

Answer each of the questions below. You have worked very hard throughout your undergraduate career and have earned a 4.0 GPA. With your grades, extracurricular activities and social connections you are a shoe-in to be admitted to Harvard Medical School. The only thing necessary to secure your admission is to perform exceptionally well on the […]

Business Ethics.

Read Unit 7 of the book [Business Ethics: Case Studies and Selected Readings] by Marianne M. Jennings, then answer the following Discussion questions: 1-How can ethical conduct conflict with companies seeking to make a profit? Explain. 2-What are the different workplace conflicts that can arise? How should one analyze and resolve these conflicts? Explain. 3-What […]

Evaluation of HRD Programs

HRD evaluation is “The systematic collection of descriptive and judgmental information necessary to make effective training decisions related to the selection, adoption, value, and modification of various instructional activities.” (Werner & DeSimone, 2009, p. 202) There are six general HRD evaluation frameworks, which include Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Framework, the CIPP framework, Brinkerhoff’s Six Stages framework, Kraiger, […]

Employee Engagement Essay

1        Introduction According to Cook (2008) employee engagement is personified by an employee’s passion and energy towards customer service, which arises from their willingness and ability to give sustained discretionary effort to help their organization succeed. It is characterized by employees’ commitment towards an organization, their conviction in what it stands for and their preparedness […]

Biomedical ethics

Write a midterm reflection on either Topic I or II: Topic I: Should doctors provide a life-saving blood transfusion to a child of Jehovah’s Witnesses even when the parents themselves are unwilling to give their permission? There are three parts to this reflection: 1. Which reason(s) might be offered in support of the view that […]


Contraception Provide a position paper essay on the above topic. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.

Universal Access to Health Care

Provide a position paper essay on Universal Access to health care. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.


Ethics has a special significance among healthcare professions because of the fiduciary relationship between medical practitioners and their patients. Owing to their superior knowledge, skill, and authority in health matters, practitioners are obliged to look out for the best interests of their patients. However, patients will, in some cases, make demands that might be detrimental […]

RETHINKING THE COLOR LINE -Ten Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Race Relations

“Ten Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Race Relations” According to Gallagher (2012) there are ten simple things one can do to improve race relations. These include talking to your family, avoiding stereotypical language, acknowledging that racism is not funny, being introspective, being a good citizen, appreciating the fact TV rap and rock appeal […]

Accountability – NSW Police

As a police office, you are required to do the right thing in order to meet both the public and NSWPF expectations. Discuss how you will ensure that your actions or inactions as a police officer meet these expectations ethically, professionally and accountably. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized […]

International Perceptions of Human Rights,

Following the atrocities of World War II, world leaders created a legally binding declaration that would act as the foundation of international human rights law. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, drafted by committee members from several continents, represents “the universal recognition that basic rights and fundamental freedoms are inherent to all human beings . […]


Every customer is taken advantage of based upon his or her negotiating skills or lack there of. So, the ethical question is, is it ethical for me to go against my honesty to make money? Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.

Utility ethics.

Answer the following questions in paragraph form 1. Jim Smith has worked for the ABC Insurance Company for the past twenty-three years. Jim graduated with a top-notch accounting degree and he also has his MBA. Bar none, Jim is considered by everyone in his organization to be a brilliant accountant. At issue is that Jim’s […]

A Prosecutor's "Desire to Win"

Explain how “the desire to win” can lead a prosecutor to pursue a case that should be dropped or choose to not disclose evidence that would exonerate a defendant. How does the organizational/occupational culture affect their motivations? Give a real life example of prosecutor misconduct and indicate briefly how/if that prosecutor was punished? Looking for […]

Personal Ethics at Work.

submit a summary of a current business incident—found via the news media–describing its ethics parameters. The document should include assessment of the ethics issues, decisions, and actions within the situation. Application of the course “decision model” should be demonstrated. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per […]

Utility Ethics.

In a well-written, paper, discuss the extent to which an organization with which you are familiar pursues CSR. Keys to the Assignment 1. describe your organization – what it does, how many employees, how much revenue, etc. 2. Select some aspect of CSR, and discuss how your organization employs CSR in its operations. 3. What […]

The Concepts of Equality and Social Equity.

In this Discussion, you will compare the concepts of equality and social equity, and the role of public administrators in promoting social equity. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.

Immanuel Kant morality.

According to Immanuel Kant, morality is grounded in absolute moral rules that we must adhere to under all circumstances. One such moral rule is the prohibition against lying. Answer the following. Explain why Kant believed there cannot be any exceptions to the duty not to lie, regardless of the consequences. Explain why, according to the […]

Virtue Ethics.

In a well-written 3 page paper, discuss how three virtues apply to the Enron case. 1.Choose three virtues (e.g., justice, fairness, integrity, courage, honor, truthfulness, etc.), and define each using a reputable online dictionary, e.g., 2.Using a section heading for discussion of each of your chosen virtues, discuss how each virtue applies to some […]


Question 1  Ethical principles In lecture, six different ethical principles were identified. These are: 1) the Golden Rule 2) Descartes’ rule of change 3) Kant’s categorical imperative 4) the Utilitarian Principle 5) the Principle of Least Harm 6) the “no free lunch” principle To complete this question, do each of the following: a) using two […]

Virtue and Feminine Ethics.

Find an example of the use of each ethical tradition in a textbook, newspaper, journal article, etc. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.