We can work on Contemporary Australian life in which racism

 Identify an area of contemporary Australian life in which racism is evident (for example, an area of contemporary Australian life could refer to media, health, immigration/asylum seeker policy or cyber-racism). Explain how racism manifests in this area and discuss its significance. Share on Facebook Tweet Follow us This question has been answered. Get Answer

We can work on Healthcare Technology for Underserved Populations

  a. Introduction of Technology and Team – 20 points/8% Title slide identifies the assigned technology. Title slide introduces team members. Presentation provides an introduction that: o Describes the technology. o States a purpose for use of the technology in healthcare. o Establishes the professional tone for the presentation. b. History and Current Use – […]

We can work on Cap 5

  Student Learning Outcome 3: “Students will demonstrate an ability to analyze, synthesize, and think critically about solving problems and making decisions.” Topics that would demonstrate your mastery of the SLO include: how to identify and define a problem in a public program and/or a public policy issue. how to determine quality relevant information and […]

We can work on Wildlife Species Research

Assignment Overview You have selected your focal species in discussion. In order to predict how urbanization will affect your species, you need to know something about the ecology and conservation status of your species. Time to do some background research!To answer the following questions, you will need to search for credible sources of information, using […]

We can work on Composition and Rhetoric ll

Looking for someone to write a minimum 5 page homework assignment about the Novel “A Lesson before Dying” by Ernest Gaines. In addition include a works sited page. A minimum of five sources is required. You must have four secondary sources quoted directly in the body of the paragraphs.  Share on Facebook Tweet Follow us […]