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Student Learning Outcome 3: “Students will demonstrate an ability to analyze, synthesize, and think critically about solving problems and making decisions.”

Topics that would demonstrate your mastery of the SLO include:

  • how to identify and define a problem in a public program and/or a public policy issue.
  • how to determine quality relevant information and distinguish between fact and opinion.  
  • the importance of exploring interpretation and connections. 

Keeping these topics in mind, listen to the following podcasts and watch the video presentation:



A New Approach to Child Support | OAS Episode 146 at  


Create a case study to discuss the listed topics linking them to the information and/or themes presented in the podcasts.   In your case study, be sure to describe the public problems being discussed in each of the podcasts and the video, how the problems are defined (infer if necessary) in the podcasts/video, and how the data/evidence might differ from opinion (think widely-held beliefs) not just among the public but your own biases as well. Lastly, illustrate the connections (cause and effect or the flow based on the data from problem to solution) of the four defined public problems.  Include other plausible interpretations. Your case study should be single-spaced, well-written, including an introduction and a conclusion, and integrate at least 3-4 references from your MPA coursework.  Remember to cite all sources properly and include an APA-formatted list of references.

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