We can work on Healthcare Technology for Underserved Populations


a. Introduction of Technology and Team – 20 points/8%

Title slide identifies the assigned technology.

Title slide introduces team members. Presentation provides an introduction that:

o Describes the technology.

o States a purpose for use of the technology in healthcare.

o Establishes the professional tone for the presentation.

b. History and Current Use – 20 points/8%

Describe significant findings that prompted the development of the technology.

Discuss the history and current use of the technology in healthcare.

Describe three goals of this technologys implementation.

c. Impact on Healthcare and Nursing – 50 points/20%

Discuss impact on professional nursing practice related to:

o Patient safety

o Quality of care measures/monitoring

o Risk management

o Effect on population within the region

o Organizational infrastructure and operations

Support discussions with examples & data from current evidence-based resources.

d. Advantages and Disadvantages – 30 points/12%

Patients perspective (e.g., patient outcomes, safety, patient/family satisfaction).

Nurses perspective (improves/hinders job efficiency/safety).

Healthcare organizations perspective (regulatory compliance, financial, etc.).

e. Controversy, Challenges, and Regulatory and Legal Implications 30 points/12%

Controversies and challenges are addressed.

Regulatory and legal implications are addressed.

The presentation answers the question, how might issues surrounding the chosen technology be addressed/solved?

Evidence is provided to support the findings.

f. Privacy, Security, Legal, and Ethical Issues – 20 points/8%

Discuss privacy and confidentiality.

Discuss security of patient data.

Identify ethical practice.

Describe compliance with legal and regulatory requirements or recommendations.

Support with examples & data from current evidence-based resources.

g. Team Project Evaluation – 40 points/16%

Describe how the team functioned well.

Identify problems the team encountered in interacting as a team.

Discuss how conflict was resolved within the team.

Recommend specific actions you would recommend to future teams to help them interact, function, and collaborate successfully.

h. Presentation, Speaker Notes, and Reflection – 20 points/8%

Title page with assigned individual parts identified.

Citations throughout.

Ideas presented clearly.

Respectful and professional language is used throughout the presentation.

Reflection of own values and morals

i. APA Style and Organization – 20 points/8%

References are submitted with assignment.

Uses current APA format and is free of errors.

Grammar and mechanics are free of errors.

PowerPoint is 25 30 slides with notes.

At least six (6) scholarly, primary sources from the last 5 years, excluding the textbook, are provided

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