We can work on “The Case for Open Borders.”

Write a clear and well-structured essay that explains Joseph Carens’ argument in “The Case for Open Borders.” Sample Solution By the 1950s, we started to see an alternate reaction from government accepting greater accountability and expanding its utilization of authoritative capacity to authorize sufficient principles of care. We saw the end of numerous huge organizations […]

We can work on Best practices safety

Identify a major patient-safety issue within your own organization and use evidence-based best practices and technology Sample Solution All social strategy including kid insurance approaches are the consequence of government enactment, which is the aftereffect of a political procedure, and all strategies are the aftereffect of a characteristic political, ideological procedure. As basic social specialists, […]

We can work on Red-sunset-green-sea-hawk-florida-beach

Part 1: Art Creation
Select a photograph or film art piece to use as a point of inspiration. Create an art piece of photography or cinematography inspired by your selected art piece. Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes and must be in MP4 format. Note: If your art creation requires a separate file submission, […]

We can work on Light and Spectra

Overview What kind of spectrum would you expect from a candlelight? From a fluorescent light? From the Moon? In this activity, you will practice using what we know about light spectra to determine if a light source shows what you expect. You will also get a glimpse of the information we can learn be examining […]

We can work on The use of sound

Discuss the use of sound as it supports the narrative in the sound version of Hitchcock’s film Blackmail. Identify how sound and also the choice of silence where sound might otherwise have been used enhance drama and tension in coordination with camerawork and editing, focusing on particular scenes of your choosing. Keep in mind the […]

We can work on HA525 Unit 6 Discussion

  In 200 words or more, create a post that fullyaddresses the following.  For your Discussion , please carefully read chapter 11 in   Title: The Law of Healthcare Administration  Edition: 8th (2017)  Author: Showalter  Publisher: Health Administration Press  Book ISBN: 978-1567938760 .  These pages focus on two cases: In re Quinlan and the Terri Schiavo  case. While […]


Explain the acute physiological effects alcohol has on the body. Make sure to include toxic reactions, the St. Bernard Myth, diuretic effects, effects on sleep, effects on pregnancy, and interactions with other drugs. Explain the basic ways nicotine and carbon monoxide contribute to the development of coronary heart disease (CHD). Discuss the three levels of […]

We can work on Jaws

Give yourself plenty of time to read the first article (do not read the primary source until after this analysis is done).Analyze the secondary source article using the questions listed below (drawn from the Campus Library at UW Bothell and Cascadia College). Do NOT complete in short answer – this is an essay. It will […]

We can work on Adapting to social situations

Raise your child to age 11 years, 11 months and answer the following questions: How well is your child adapting to social situations in the home and outside the home? Does your child have any behavior or emotional problems at this point? Why do you think these problems are occurring and what are you doing […]

We can work on Strategic Innovation

Write a two page paper in which you: Discuss the different strategies associated with incremental change and radical change. Provide one (1) example where incremental change is a better solution and one (1) example where radical change should be considered.  Describe at least two (2) attributes of push and pull innovation. Next, create a scenario […]

We can work on Crime in media

Description How do the different theoretical perspectives present in Chapter 1 view young criminals like the Menendez brothers and Klebold and Harris? What effect did the media have on the public’s conception of their crimes? Book: Media and ‘Crime in the US Sample Solution During the frenzy of 1873 agribusiness costs fell quickly and made […]

We can work on LSDT302

150 words agree or disagree to each questions Q1. For many people their first experience with a court hearing is from watching a fictional crime television show or movie. Often in the movies we will hear many Latin terms such as modes operandi, quid pro quo, mens rea, and actus rea. These terms have become […]

We can work on The best type of HealthCare Insurance

Description Thread: First define and then compare and contrast the fee-for-service and prepaid health plan models. What is the best type of health insurance (for the consumer and the organization) and why? Justify your answer. Discuss the various ways in which healthcare reform has affected and may affect the financial delivery of healthcare today and […]

We can work on Reading works for BIBLE

The Bible 1.“Deeper” meanings Imagine that you are Christian allegorist intent on uncovering the “deeper” or “spiritual” meaning concealed in the story of Noah’s flood, or in that of the Israelites safely crossing the Red Sea as Moses miraculously parts the waters, or in that of the announcement of Sarah’s unlikely pregnancy. How about the […]

We can work on Yin-Yang of Daoism

Description Read CH6. Write a 300-word essay by using at least two exact quotes from the textbook with your opinion. Explain Yin-Yang of Daoism and describe its influence on Thich Nhat Hanh. In your opinion, what’s the most opposite way in western culture from eastern Yin-Yang cosmology? Read CH7. Write a 300-word essay by using […]

We can work on Reporting infectious disease

Description Choose either a specific country’s guidelines or the WHO’s guidelines regarding the reporting of infectious disease. Apply these requirements to a specific outbreak situation. What role would health systems play in applying these regulations? Describe and assess health systems in the prevention and containment of the disease. Which do you think are most effective […]