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Part 1: Art Creation
Select a photograph or film art piece to use as a point of inspiration. Create an art piece of photography or cinematography inspired by your selected art piece. Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes and must be in MP4 format.

Note: If your art creation requires a separate file submission, please submit in the Art Creation Submission (Recordings) area following this assignment.

Part 2: Reflection
Write a reflection about the relationship between your art production and the inspiration piece. Include the following in the reflection paper:

  • Introduction
  • Inspiration Piece
  • Include the inspiration photograph or cinematography within the document. Use a link in the case of cinematography.
  • Record the title, artist/director, year, and place of origin.
  • Briefly explain the background of the inspiration piece.
  • Your Art Piece
  • Include your original photograph within the document. If you selected cinematography, submit as a separate file in the Art Creation Submission (Recordings) area following this assignment.
  • Provide a title.
  • Explain the background of your piece.
  • Connection
  • Explain the thematic connection between the two pieces.
  • How are they similar and different?
  • Are they the same medium? How does the medium impact what the viewer experiences?
  • For photography, how do the formal elements of design compare to one another?

Original Artwork Requirements

  • Methods: photo or video

Sample Solution

One of the criticisms of technocratic ideology is that it tends to exclude other ways of improving the skills of the workforce, for example, through staff development initiatives. History exemplifies that child protection policy and practice reform predominantly have been shaped and driven by ideology and less so by research-based evidence Gray, Plath, & Webb, 2009; Sholnsky & Stern (2007). According to Gillingham, (2014) the explanation for this occurrence is that choosing research base evidence over ideology in policy and service practice reform is not always a simple and easy task to achieve and can result as history has shown in wrong causes of action taken and inadequate service provision, however, although it’s useful to be aware of the challenging nature of using research base evidence and needs, be considered it should not be a deterrent for policy makers not to use research base evidence when creating reform. The Wood Report The NSW Government issued a commission for a major inquiry into the state’s child protection system, led by retired Supreme Court Judge Justice James Wood following the death of two children in 2007 as a result of abuse and neglect. The investigation focused on the actions of the Department of Community Services ‘ now Family and Community Services (FACS) and a non-government family support service. This review examined the following: systems for reporting child abuse and neglect, management of reports including the efficiency of systems and process, prioritising and decision making, management of cases, recording of essential information, the professional capacity of case workers, the adequacy of current statuary frameworks and responsibility of mandatory reporters, adequate arrangements for interagency cooperation, the adequacy of arrangements for children in out of home care, the adequacy of resources and child protection systems and other matters agreed by the Commissioner and the Minister. The inquiry leads to recommendations, strategies for legislative, structural and cultural chan>

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