We can work on Yin-Yang of Daoism


Read CH6.
Write a 300-word essay by using at least two exact quotes from the textbook with your opinion.
Explain Yin-Yang of Daoism and describe its influence on Thich Nhat Hanh. In your opinion, what’s the most opposite way in western culture from eastern Yin-Yang cosmology?

Read CH7.
Write a 300-word essay by using at least two exact quotes from the textbook with your opinion.
Compare and contrast Thich Nhat Hanh’s and Abraham Joshua Heschel’s understandings of self as found in Zen Buddhism and Hasidism. What ethical implications flow from these understandings? Write in your own words and analysis on the text.

Read CH8.
Write a 300-word essay by using at least two exact quotes from the textbook with your opinion.
What is Jesus’ (main theme of ) ethical ground? In what way MLK practiced Jesus’ ethics? Write in your own words and analysis of the text.

Read CH9.
Write a 300-word essay by using at least two exact quotes from the textbook with your opinion.
Write your own comparative essay on Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. on the ethics of violence and nonviolence.
What is your position? Write in your own words and analysis of the text.

Read CH 10.
Write a 300-word essay by using at least two exact quotes from the textbook with your opinion.
What does Catherine Keller think that Christian kenosis and Buddhist emptiness are ethically problematic?
Explain it in a feminist perspective in relation to women’s sacrifice.
Write in your own words and analysis of the text.

Read CH 11 and think of world religions.
Write a 500-word essay by using at least four exact quotes from the textbook with your opinion.
We are facing an ecological crisis. Dealing with the ecological crisis is an ethical issue.
Among many ecological issues, which one is the most serious one do you think and which religion is mostly helpful to find a good answer from your perspective?

Sample Solution

During the frenzy of 1873 agribusiness costs fell quickly and made financial difficulties for once wealthy ranchers. Ranchers started to censure the administration for their money related battles they had been confronting. Since the United States cash approaches were made by Bankers and Industrialists, ranchers contended that they couldn’t have cared less for or know the hardships during this period for the lower common laborers. Autonomous political activity was too frail to even think about making a distinction, so they started to meet in gatherings and examine their complaints. These confederations were called Farmers Alliances and they were sporadically framed all through the North and South, anyway it was predominantly white men, Southern blacks shaped their own partnerships. Development of these various Farmers Alliances turned out to be so quick and well known that making a whole ideological group was built. The Populist party came to fruition from the monetary breakdown of agrarian items driving numerous ranchers to look for help through political activity. These financial issues started after the Civil War in the West and South from the change of ranches into sharecropping and harvest lien frameworks basically. Offer trimming sank millions into interminable neediness. (Foner 651) At first there were Farmers Alliances over the West and South sporadically, numerous Southern ranchers stayed aligned with the Democratic party in dread of parting the white vote and permitting the blacks into power. They didn’t get a lot of cultivated and just won little triumphs inside their networks until the pioneers of every one of these groups met up in 1891 to frame one aggregate ideological group, the Populist Party (or the People’s Party). Talking for the benefit of all average workers, they planned to pull in supporters from workers and change bunches that will be roused to help their reason for improving their financial condition. Populists contended that the explanation their battles started was from high cargo costs, over the top telephone organization rates, and the monetary strategies executed by the national government. (Educator Jackson, US Since 1877, 13/9/2018) Therefore, they upheld for guideline of railways, the national market, and government decisions. In particular, the free coinage of silver, taxes for income just, a graduated personal assessment, and direct appointment of legislators. It is critical to remember that populists were not against present day innovations, they just felt that there ought to be greater government obstruction and guideline. They accepted these things would fortify political and monetary vote based system over the United States. The populist stage, embraced in 1892 at the Omaha show, expressed the entirety of their objectives recently referenced with the expansion of an arrangement of minimal effort open financing to sell yields, and rights for worker’s organizations. They even supported ladies’ suffrage developments in four western states. “The stage set forth a not insignificant rundown of recommendations to reestablish majority rules system and financial chance”. (Foner 653) In 1892 the Populist Party named their first president, James B. Weaver. He conveyed just five Western states and got just 22 appointive school votes, yet they despite everything persevered. The Populists chose three governors and fifteen congress individuals. With the developing discontent in 1893 after the downturn started, expanded clash among workers and capital prompted the Populists bolster expanding, explicitly in rustic zones. “In 1896, Democrats and Populists joined to help William Jennings Bryan for administration.” (Foner 657) Bryan got the selection after he communicated ranchers’ complaints and objectives. Populists were particularly attracted to free silver to build the money available for use which would get more income for ranchers at expanding rural costs. Bryan didn’t win in any case, he lost to the Republican chosen one William McKinley. At last, the objective of Populists was to make a progressively bound together and democratized America that was all the more financially equivalent and controlled.>

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