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Discuss the use of sound as it supports the narrative in the sound version of Hitchcock’s film Blackmail. Identify how sound and also the choice of silence where sound might otherwise have been used enhance drama and tension in coordination with camerawork and editing, focusing on particular scenes of your choosing. Keep in mind the limitations of the sound medium in 1929.

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The NSW Keep Them Safe government initiative provides a five-year action plan that aims to enhance and improve the effectiveness of child protection systems in NSW. The main elements which will change is the approach to addressing the challenges faced by the child protection systems. These reforms will result in a redistribution and reallocation of government funds , shifting to non-government sector and state agencies and promoting different sectors government and non – government and community working collaboratively providing support to those families that most need support and sharing the responsibility of child rearing and child protection . The key objectives of Keep Them Safe is to create an integrated system that supports vulnerable children, young people, and their families, it has included the establishment of new reporting and referral arrangements to allow families to access appropriate services from government agencies and non-government services without having to come in contact with statutory child protection The focus for action has been on the following key areas; the amendment of the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 so only children and young people who are suspected, on reasonable grounds, to be at risk of significant harm should be reported to FACS. The implementation of a universal service system, e.g.:1. Universal parenting education erg: Triple P, for parents with children 3-8, universal home visits to every parent with a new baby.2 Strengthening Early Intervention and Community Based Services e.g., expanding Brighter Futures program, health home visiting for at-risk teenage mothers, 3. Better Protection for Children at Risk e.g.: violence prevention coordination units, review of police response to domestic and family violence incidents 4. Better Supporting Aboriginal Children and Families e.g.; Two Ways Together ten year plan, Universal services: Aboriginal Maternal and Infant Health Strategy, 5. Strengthening Partnership across the Community>

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