Children’s Rights Report

Objective: The purpose of this assignment is to heighten your global and local awareness of children’s rights issues. You will examine different aspects of child’s rights legislation and policies. Critically analyze the UAE government’s laws, local policies, and available resources (governmental and non-governmental) to protect the rights of children by comparing the local situation to the UN Charter.
1. Introduction:
Write a summary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Include the general purpose of the convention, and the the main areas it covers. (200+ words approx.)

2. Analysis of UAE laws, policies and resources:
Provide an overview of the laws, policies and resources that support children in the UAE. (300+ words approx.)

3. Evaluation:
Evaluate the degree to which the UAE addresses children’s rights, as compared to the UN Convention. Include at least two areas where there is alignment, and at least one area where there seems to be a mismatch. These areas can include education, child physical abuse, adoption, child sexual exploitation, child labour, or any area that you choose that is relevant to the Convention. (500+ words approx.)

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