Max De Pree "Leadership is an art"

On top of the team assignment, EACH INDIVIDUAL will need to submit a short essay testing your writing and ability of expression. It is a necessary exercise as a preparation of later reports writings.

6-1/ In this essay, you will take your point of departure in the book of Max De Pree “Leadership is an art”.


6-2/ As in previous assignments, you are expected to summarise your experience as it has evolved and has been enhanced through the reading of this book and others before, through the reading of the articles, through the lectures and through the different contributions presented in the class. The following issues are expected to be addressed:

*Give a sense making account of the most important insight emerging from the book.
*Relate this insight to any articles of your choice.
*Relate this insight to some of the lectures, contributions and input that you might have seen as one of the building bricks of the possibility of looking at Leadership as an art.

6-3/ Given the above, what does leadership as an art mean to you?

– Give a sense making short summarising of the book.
– State your understandings of the book. Discussions must also include the combined insights from lectures, articles and other contributions.
– You are expected to deliver a coherent and concise text.
– Please edit your text, correct it, clean and ironed it out properly before handing it out.

6-4/ The text should not be longer than 2-3 pages.

Thats the task from my Professor. Please add to the text my view that for me leaderhip as an art means that each have his own personality and have to know itselfs like Philip Daudi said in a lecture “The art of leading others comes from the art of leading oneself”

also please add this qoute and my view…

” Would you rather work as a part of an outstanding group or be a part of a group of outstanding individuals”? (29)
as I read this question , immediately comes the last two group works to my mind, in my first group I was a part of an outstanding group with maybe the “better” end result but in my second group was so much dynamic, respect and ideas from each individual and that pushed each of us to learn from each one. What I definitely learnt so far from this program and maybe from this book how important everyone is in a group, for the future I know now how to deal with each individual, how alessandra pucci in the lecture said “sometimes you work with someone there working style is complete different from yours but you have to know how you deal with it.”. When you ask me this question before this program and now, my answer has changed from part of an outstanding group to a group of outstanding individuals.”


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