The policies and models of clinical governance and improvement practice

Critically appraise the policies and models of clinical governance and improvement practice
Step by step guide :

An intro generally sets the context and usually includes a statement of intent since this is a clinical governance essay it is sensible to define this in the introduction and possibly describe the drivers that led to this development.

Policies of clinical governance

you should mention the on-going uk government policies, relevant policies from England and Scotland as Clinical governance developed and how this has driven both politically and socially over the years. you should be critical of how these developed and respond to these.

2 or 3 models of clinical governance
using the lecture slides given using any of the theoretical or experience models these should be critically examined in an effort to describe there’re relative success in practice. some models relate to their relative success in practice, some models relate to there implementation in clinical governance and there success in practice or an intro on these models and there impact on quality

Conclusion should bring together findings and explore main body

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