We can work on East Asian Political Systems and Processes

Describe and discuss the “opening” of Japan by the United States, and then describe how the Meiji Restoration impacted the development of Japanese society, nationalism, and empire building. Identify and discuss the occupational (of Japan) reforms after the WWII. Who was responsible for the reforms and what were the reforms, including constitutional changes? Discuss the […]

We can work on All-hazards risk assessment of a senior living facility.

Create an all-hazards risk assessment of a senior living facility. The risk assessment should include the following: Develop plans that are flexible and scalable enough to adapt to a wide variety of disasters Focus on the continuity of essential services that must remain consistent regardless of the disaster Assess the risks most likely to affect […]

We can work on The Best Contraceptives?

  It has been said that in nations seeking to reduce their population growth rate, a combination of sustainable economic development along with improved educational and socio-economic opportunities for women are the best “contraceptives” (i.e. ways to reduce a woman’s total fertility rate; don’t know this term? Look it up before posting). A. How does […]

We can work on A shared power-bank station in Temple University.

Your topic proposal will address the following four questions What are you proposing? To whom are you proposing it? What need or problem does the proposal address? You must should find at least one sourcethat helps you identifythe problem What are other companies/organizations/schools doing in relation to your topic? You must research and use an […]

We can work on Confound Assignment

Specify the direction of the relationship between variables. For example, let’s say that income is correlated (or related) to happiness. While the relationship may seem obvious to you, it may not be to the reader. Just saying that income is correlated with happiness does not specify the nature of the relationship (i.e., the greater the […]

We can work on Week 2 Assigment

U.S. Supreme Court Bill of Rights Case For this assignment, you will analyze one U.S. Supreme Court criminal case decision dealing with a Bill of Rights issue. You must include the facts of the case (i.e., what happened), the holding of the court (i.e., what the court decided), and the reasoning for that decision. Additionally, […]

We can work on The Galilean Moons of Jupiter

The Galilean Moons of Jupiter. The Galileo probe has finished its exploration of the Jovian System. Your assignment is to briefly describe what is known about each of the four largest moons of Jupiter; highlighting new information provided by the Galileo probe. Also describe the history of the Galileo mission; including difficulties with the space […]

We can work on Self-fashioning

1.) In your own words, define self-fashioning 2.) Select an artwork that we have not discussed in class in which the figure appears to be self-fashioning. This can be any artwork from any period, as long as it is a portrait. 3.) Include a clear and concise thesis statement 4.) Using historical, visual, and iconographic […]

We can work on Critical Elements of a Quality Plan

Discuss the critical elements in the execution of a quality plan. As you formulate your paper, consider the importance of leadership strategies, stakeholder identification, and the development of a quality philosophy based on the mission of the organization. Sample Solution The word culture is utilized to portray more than one point, alluding to information, craftsmanship, […]

We can work on Moral & Ethical implications of Recruiting “Ryders”

Write a case Study on Group Report on the Moral & Ethical implications of Recruiting “Ryders” as Autonomous Free-lancers instead of as Employees The cases of UberEATS Sample Solution Similarly as World War Two was finishing another contention rose, the virus war. Starting in 1947, two ground-breaking nations the Soviet Union and the United States […]

We can work on Weather Policy and Procedures

Assume the role of a manager of flight operations for an aviation organization. Conduct research and develop your organization’s weather policy and procedures to brief to the organization’s president. Presentation must include: -Strategies to collect reliable weather information -A risk management approach to facilitate a Go-No-Go Decision -Strategy to adapt to changing weather phenomenon -Your […]

We can work on Book Report/Review

Select a book from a list, provided by the professor, or choose their own (with approval from the professor) and write a book report/review connecting the class’s concepts to it. The book reports/reviews will be 4 to 6 pages, double spaced, 1-inch margins, and 12pt font (Cambria or Times New Roman). The same heading format […]

We can work on Asking the Right Questions

Convincing others to buy into an idea, a product, or an initiative requires listening and communicating effectively. Asking the right questions can help people to open up and to discuss upcoming changes more freely, while understanding that they have a voice in the process. Scenario: Your company has developed a new initiative or product, or […]