We can work on Self-fashioning

1.) In your own words, define self-fashioning

2.) Select an artwork that we have not discussed in class in which the figure appears to be self-fashioning. This can be any artwork from any period, as long as it is a portrait.

3.) Include a clear and concise thesis statement

4.) Using historical, visual, and iconographic analysis, describe how the figure is creating the self. Who are they? How do we know this (what are they showing us)? How does this person want history to remember them? Remember at least one paragraph should be visual analysis.

Sample Solution

In the public arena internationally residents live under the standards of a person or thing, however a significant number of those individuals who have that force use it in the right way. A statement once said by Abraham Lincoln states, “About all men can stand misfortune, however in the event that need to test a man’s character, give him influence”. What Lincoln is clarifying here, is that he is telling many experience issues, and individuals could be rulers, however if one somehow happened to have more force than others, the individuals who don’t have equivalent force, would have the option to see that force isn’t acceptable. Rather than one utilizing power for good, it has been demonstrated from the beginning of time, the more force one has, the more degenerate they become. Marie Antoinette is somebody mishandled the force she had. She and her better half King Louis, utilized their influence to take cash from poor people and use it to accommodate their own needs rather than needs. As an article states from History.com, “The individuals who possessed the vast majority of the property in France, for example, the Catholic Church (the “Principal Estate”) and the respectability (the “Second Estate”), by and large didn’t need to pay charges on their riches; normal individuals, be that as it may, felt crushed by high duties and angry of the imperial family’s obvious burning through” (History.com,2018). Since the lower class needed to make good on for their duties, they didn’t have a lot of cash which at that point, at that point, France was a spot implied for higher classes. Marie Antoinette utilized her influence that she needed to take cash from her residents and utilized it for her prosperity as opposed to utilizing it to help the economy which at that point drives later to the French Revolution making her be condemned to the guillotine, and she isn’t the main individual who manhandled the power she had. Obviously, numerous individuals rule along these lines, however it’s essential to realize that of decency and being equivalent, living under these conditions wasn’t the most ideal approach for a significant number of the residents. So of manhandled power, Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible, can give one that force despite everything ruined the individuals of the town. Since power was the main route for individuals to put stock in one of every a higher remaining from the rest, Reverend Hale stated, “While 1 speak God’s law, I won’t split its voice with whining … I should hang ten thousand that challenged to ascend illegal, and an expanse of salt tears couldn’t soften the goals of the resolutions” (Miller, 129). The force here is from Reverend Sound and he is mishandling his capacity by dispensing with the residents whom he believes are witches. Since he has power he can do what he needs when he needs which isn’t a route for somebody to utilize their capacity, particularly in the event that they don’t utilize it in a manner to support everybody. Alongside not having a decent measure of intensity and history Joseph Stalin didn’t utilize his capacity such that was reasonable for other people. In an article from history.com, he utilizes capacity to help just him as opposed to bailing everybody out and furthermore wound up harming others. Stalin, “indicted a rule of dread, cleanses, executions, outcasts to work camps and mistreatment in the after war USSR, smothering all contradiction and anything that likened to remote particularly Western–impact. He set up socialist governments all through Eastern Europe, and in 1949 drove the Soviets into the atomic age by detonating a nuclear bomb. In 1950, he gave North Korea’s socialist chief Kim Il Sung (1912-1994) consent to attack United States-upheld South Korea, an occasion that activated the Korean War.” Joseph Stalin utilized his capacity similarly that another despot, Hitler, utilized and did likewise by beginning wars, placing individuals in the process of childbirth camp, and lead Soviets into the atomic age, yet not every person did terrible things with power>

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