We can work on East Asian Political Systems and Processes

Describe and discuss the “opening” of Japan by the United States, and then describe how the Meiji Restoration impacted the development of Japanese society, nationalism, and empire building.

Identify and discuss the occupational (of Japan) reforms after the WWII. Who was responsible for the reforms and what were the reforms, including constitutional changes?

Discuss the parliamentary system of Japan in terms of the major political parties, the historical trends, and its electoral system. What do you expect to see in near future (say, next 5-10 years) concerning Japanese party politics? Justify your answer.

Discuss the development model of Japan (i.e., what is the Japan, Inc?) Discuss the model in terms of actors, relationships, and development strategies.

Sample Solution

Thousands of indigenous children were removed from their homes and sent to residential schools across Canada. Residential schools were used as a means to eliminate all aspects of Indigenous culture. By enforcing mandatory enrollment into government funded facilities run by the church, the government hoped to assimilate the indigenous people. Learning to communicate in English adopting Christianity and developing agricultural, home making and trade skills were some of the requirements of the children that attended residential schools. The Canadian government believed that by adopting a new more “civil” way of life through the dismissal of Indigenous traditions, culture and language was the only way the indigenous population would thrive. The Lejac or Fraser Lake Residential School named after Father Jean Marie Lejac was located on Fraser Lake in northern British Columbia and opened in 1890. As the number of children forcibly removed from their homes increased a larger facility was required. In 1922 a new building was erected that would accommodate the influx of students. Many of the children that attended the institution were from surrounding communities such as the Gitxsan, Wet’suwet’en and Sekani. From 1922 to 1976 when the institution closed Lejac residential school was operated by the missionaries from the Order of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate of the Roman Catholic Church .The Dakelhs spiritual beliefs that were centered on Utakke (high God or sky spirit) and many spirits in nature were abandoned and Christian>

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