We can work on The Critical Need for Information Security

Write an essay of no less than four pages in which you: Identify no less than three of what you believe are the most serious threats to cybersecurity in the workplace today. Why you believe they are serious threats and the best way to mitigate the threats and how best to educate employees on recognizing […]

We can work on Continuity Planning Overview

Suppose you were recently hired for a new initiative as a business continuity lead/manager at a medium-sized healthcare company. You have been asked to prepare a presentation to the Board of Directors on your main duties for the company and how your position could help protect the business in case of a large-scale incident or […]

We can work on Sleep Health

 Explore the population health effects associated with sleep health. You will identify how sleep health effects various populations (you may choose a group, such as school-aged children or the menopausal woman) and address the impact of poor sleep (outcome identification).  Additionally, you will use the identified outcomes to craft primary, secondary and tertiary […]

We can work on Process Improvement Strategies

Evaluate and apply process improvement tools/strategies to address operations issues and establish an environment of continuous improvement. Sample Solution usinesses with enrollment, contracting and preparing to supplant laborers that may leave the business. The more strong the pioneers can be, the more uncertain they are to leave the business. Kotter’s 8-advance change model Make earnestness […]

We can work on Eating disorder; specifically, Bulimia Nervosa

Counselling/Therapy Strategy: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) How effective is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in the treatment of Bulimia Nervosa? o Provide a very brief history of CBT and a basic outline of how the therapy is used as applicable to the identified issue. o Identify an applicable (hypothetical) client problem (e.g., eating disorders). o Discuss […]


VALUES: Listed below are key values one considers when thinking about public policy and voting. Determine your top three values which will be used in the paper. Freedom 6. Justice Diversity 7. Self-Reliance Equality 8. Community Cooperation 9. Stability Security 10. Democracy TYPOLOGY: Take the 15-minute typology test using the following link: http://www.people-press.org/quiz/political-typology/. A printout […]

We can work on Isaiah’s advice to Ahaz in the Syro-Ephraimitic crisis

1-1 Which proverb do you think would most benefit your community by putting its principle(s) into action? 1200 words minimum and 3 scholarly sources….3 scholarly sources….NO PLAGIARISM What were the three major crises in Israel that the prophetic literature responds to? Do you think Isaiah’s advice to Ahaz in the Syro-Ephraimitic crisis was sound? Explain […]

We can work on Critical response

After reading the “Letters” section of Frankenstein, why do you think that Mary Shelley started off Frankenstein the way that she did? Why did she frame her novel with the epistolary? What effect does that have on the rest of the novel? Also, why did she begin her “Letters” section in the specific setting that […]

We can work on Advance English Composition

Required ResourcesRead/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: pp. 94-103, 267-270 Lesson Minimum of 1 article (academic or credible online source) Apply the following writing resources to your posts: Link (library article): Point: Vaccines Save Lives (Links to an external site.) (This link will take you to an overview of vaccines. Click on the […]

We can work on Biology presentation

Create and deliver a presentation on your chosen disease in which you report on each of the following in detail: Causative Agent: Describe and classify the microbe involved. If known, explain how the microbe causes/transmits the disease or interferes with normal body function. Also, describe the vector and/or life cycle for the microbe (if applicable). […]

We can work on Principal Of Marketing

  Answer all of the following questions in a single document. (For all dropbox assignments, remember to reference at least 2 sources; one must be the textbook plus one from a website, video, or other source. Use quotes for direct material taken and cite even if paraphrasing. ) Choose an organization. What is its product/service?  […]

We can work on Family Development

Complete research on family genograms. https://www.genopro.com/articles/what-is-a-genogram.aspx is a helpful website that you can use for assistance with this assignment. (Hint – this is a great resource!) Write a summary (in a Word doc) on your research. Any information you use from any source needs to be cited! Here are a few examples of topics you […]

We can work on Enpart 1jor

Journal: From Issue to Persuasion (GRADED) Now that you’ve spent some time writing down some potential issues for your project, it’s time to narrow the focus. Reviewing the Opposing Viewpoints database – that’s the link provided–> (https://go-gale-com.ezproxy.snhu.edu/ps/browseCategory?userGroupName=nhc_main&inPS=true&prodId=OVIC&category=Health+and+Medicineand reviewing your brainstorming activity, select two potential issues that are related to your career of Nursing. Again, be […]

We can work on Assignment: Models Of Grieving

  The death of a loved one is a significant event that everyone experiences. An individual’s social environment, including societal and familial cultural factors, may influence how an individual approaches death or grieves the loss of someone else who dies. You can anticipate addressing grief in your social work practice and, therefore, should develop an […]

We can work on My Footprint

Adjusting our lifestyle choices to live more sustainability is the best way to ensure that we have the resources we need over the long term, but how exactly do we get there? How will YOU get there? What is your ecological footprint? To find out, spend a few minutes online doing an Internet keyword search […]

We can work on Global Policy Brief Presentations / Paper Directions And Rubric

Global Health (PBH.350)Global Policy Brief Presentations / Paper Directions and Rubric  Directions: Each student or group will selected a problem in global health. It can be a problem that we discussed in class or something that we did not go over.  The paper should be 2 pages (double-spaced) long for each person working in the […]

We can work on Video summary

Watch three videos and write 250 words for each .Your entry should focus on how the film presented this period of the Civil Rights Era. What did you learn from the film? What aspects of the movement were emphasized in the episode? Were there other views or subjects covered in your readings that were not […]

We can work on Assignment 4 (Due Soon)

Don’t send me random bids. Read it and then bid. Serious People only Preparation Leadership at Vila Health has asked for a cost-benefit analysis to address the pros and cons of having the newly acquired rural hospitals switch to the same health information system currently used by Vila Health. Complete the Vila Health: HIMS Cost-Benefit […]