We can work on Product Versus Service

Refer to Chapter 10 in the course textbook Identify a physical product from around your home or workplace and a service provider which you use at your home or workplace. Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following: a. Explain the differences in marketing of the service company and marketing the physical product […]

We can work on Question History: The Problem Empire 1763-1776

Question History: The problem Empire 1763-1776, no limited words – small paragraph 5-9 sentences   1. As British administrators sought to increase colonial revenues and tighten administrative control, what might have led them to pursue a less confrontational course with the colonies? What factors do you think are most important in explaining the failure of […]

We can work on How Did Lakota Culture Change Over The 19th Century?

Report Issue How did Lakota Culture change over the 19th century? What effect did the white culture have on that culture through the century? What was the traditional Lakota manner of fighting, and what values did it highlight? Why did this style of warfare not work against white troops, what lessons does Utley think Sitting […]

Why do you suppose that left-wing domestic extremism has declined in recent decades while right-wing extremism has increased?

Why do you suppose that left-wing domestic extremism has declined in recent decades while right-wing extremism has increased? Make sure to read the New Yorker article “Rogue Element” and the textbook to sufficiently answer this question. Writing Guidelines: 1.5 page minimum or 400 words. 12 font, Times New Roman 1-inch margins double-spaced Title of essay […]

We can work on The “ego theory” or the “bundle theory”

Does the “ego theory” or the “bundle theory” present a more accurate account of personhood? Sample Solution The process involves the blood tests including antibody tests, urinalysis and a chest X-ray which is mostly overseen by Rheumatology Consultants whose area of specialisation is autoimmune diseases and also soft tissue treatment. Musculoskeletal symptoms are analysed when […]

We can work on US History Book Essay

Questions: Ch.6, The Revolution Within 1. In what ways did political and religious liberties expand after the Revolution? (Democratizing Freedom + Toward Religious Toleration) 2. How did the Revolution affect the status of women? (Daughters of Liberty) Ch.7, Founding a Nation (1783-1789) 1. What events and ideas led to the belief in 1786 and 1787 […]

We can work on HIS- 3-2-1 Discussion: Historical Lenses

In this discussion, you will consider how historical lenses can affect the study of a historical topic. Select one of the secondary source articles from your research. After reading that article, write a discussion post about which of the following lenses you believe the article is using: social, political, economic, or other. Use at least […]

We can work on Overworked Nurses and Effect on Nursing Skills

Clinical Evidence-based Skill Paper – Topic chosen: Overworked Nurses and Effect on Nursing Skills and Patient Care A 2-3 page paper relating to an evidence-based Clinical skill that is relevant totoday’s practice of nursing. Considertheuseofevidence-basedpracticein the care of a patient in clinical, where a current skill is applied. “Each nurse must develop their own clinical […]

We can work on Briefing Statement For Healthcare Management Class

Develop a 750-1000 words Briefing statement providing the information on the issue depending on the underlying reason and the background.   In your narrative, you will need to include the following:   ·        A brief description of the severity of the managerial issue.   ·        What is the impact […]

We can work on HCS 499 Strategic Plan Presentation

Now that you have completed your review of the Strategic Plan for Stevens District Hospital, you have been asked to provide a presentation to the governing board of the hospital. This board is comprised of the president of the hospital, four business leaders from the community, and three leaders of the medical staff.   Create […]

We can work on Renaissance History

The English Renaissance was shaped by the shift in religious dominance from Roman Catholicism to the Church of England. However, the Church of England was prosperous due to capitalism. How did the English renaissance allow for a successful renaissance in England? Sample Solution In response to a depolarizing stimulus, some of the voltage-gated Na+ channels […]

We can work on Summit River Nursing Home

Summit River Nursing Home (SRNB#) is a 60-bed nursing home that serves a suburban community inthe Midwest. The facility provides a broad range of services to its residents, including recreational activities, a clinical laboratory, dental services, dietary and housekeeping services, mental health and nursing services, occupational and physical therapies, pharmacy services, social services, and diagnostic […]

We can work on Biblical Wisdom

a. Correctional work can be very stressful in many ways. Discuss why having a balanced work and home life is important. b. How does or should a spiritual component play into this? c. How do you or how would you maintain or create balance? Sample Solution nteractive menus in virtual pet and simulation games, allows […]

We can work on Social Responsible Investing

An ongoing debate in the economic literature is if portfolios of companies with a high CSR rating outperform conventional portfolios. An argument for why this should be the case is that companies with high CSR rating are companies that provide quality products, i.e. CRS is seen as a signal of a firm¿s trustworthiness in providing […]

We can work on Tesla and Its impact on global warming

This is a research proposal and my topic is Tesla and Its impact on global warming. I already wrote the background, the problem, the problem statement, the purpose, and the research question. The next part is the literature review. Please read the part I already wrote and write the literature review relating to my topic […]

We can work on Yellow Journalism

How would a historical event during the Yellow Journalism era be covered by today’s press? Write a news story in a contemporary news style, either print/electronic or broadcast. Cover an event that occurred during the Yellow Journalism era. This requires that you know both the facts of this historical period and the ethical best practices […]

We can work on Gender Roles in Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour”

Discuss how the affects of gender roles in the late 1800’s manifest in Mrs. Mallard’s attitudes toward married life and most importantly, what the idea of her husband’s sudden death could mean for her. Please use at least three scholarly sources. I’ll provide an attachment of the short story. Some notes: Marriage was a surrender […]

We can work on Law and Ethics

Respond to the following case with a 500-word (minimum) essay. Finest Engineering Ltd. (“Finest”) was engaged by Zypher Pharmaceuticals Inc. (“Zypher”) to design a new production line at its pharmaceutical plant in Ontario. In addition to preparing the design, Finest would provide professional services during the installation of the project. You are a professional engineer […]

We can work on Technology and Education

Technology and Education (Link is httpfigo.galegroup.com.dcccd.idm.ocic.orgipstretrieve.do? resultListType=RELATED_DOCUMENT&searchTyperts&userGroupNamertxshracd2500&inPS=true&contentSegment=8.prod)drOVIC&C This is an argument essay assignment. The above link will not take you to the site as it needs to be logged in from student or staff members, but I will prc materials from this site topic. This should meet all the following requirements; 1)1,200-1,500 word essay (4-5 […]