Balanced work and home life

Balanced work and home life

a. Correctional work can be very stressful in many ways. Discuss why having a balanced work and home life is important.
b. How does or should a spiritual component play into this?
c. How do you or how would you maintain or create balance?

Balanced work and home life

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nteractive menus in virtual pet and simulation games, allows a language learner to be continuously exposed to the target language and creates more opportunities for acquisition to occur as opposed to other media, such as movies or books, which often do not reuse the same vocabulary or grammar, making acquisition more difficult and slow-paced. Interestingly enough, the repetition in video games allows a language learner to use their own initiative to use known language (semantic context, vocabulary or grammar) to decode unknown elements through constant exposure. Furthermore, Crawford (2003, p.261) made a stunning discovery in his research when he stated that “a videogame provides players with a useful kinesthetic link to its languag Balanced work and home life e” resulting in players having to give a total physical response to actions prompted. Total Physical Response (TPR)activities are used in order to connect the language item whether, vocabulary or grammar, to a physical action, hopefully making thelanguage easier to grasp, which is quite similar in videogames where players perform on-screenactions that may serve to link the language they learn to their native language. 2. – Video Games and Education Video games evoke different emotions in people. Some might perceive them as nothing more than a tool of entertainment, while others might consider them useless and tools of bad influence. Academics, such as Gee (2005, p.13), will say that “video games are a new form of interactive media worthy of academic multidisciplinary study” regardless of what videogames may be, it is a well-known fact that they are a distinct yet entertaining way for youngster Balanced work and home life s to spend their time. It comes as no surprise that many educators and teachers are trying to add video games to their lessons and curricula design both to catch and retain the attention of students, not to mention to enhance the course content and likability. Many business, medicine, and law schools in northern Europe are implementing video games such as Kristen’s Cookies, Dexter and Objection as part of their curricula, whilst other schools introduce more commercially known titles, for example Brain Age and Trauma Center to their science and math courses. According to Hogg’s research (2006) carried out in  Balanced work and home life some European universities, students’ motivation and therefore grades, have soared exponentially as opposed to slump since the implementation of video games in their curricula.>

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