you are required to write an essay addressing the following task:

you are required to write an essay addressing the following task:

Fahy and Jobber (2015) explain that an organisation that is market-orientated scans its environment in order to take advantage of emerging opportunities and minimise potential threats. In the context of the macro-environment, discuss how macro environmental forces impact the holiday industry and how businesses may respond to these forces with their various marketing activities. Include practical company/brand examples in order to illustrate your discussion.

The essay should be a maximum of 2,500 words.
Please note that it is very important that you demonstrate wide consultation of the academic literature. It is important that you support your discussion with references to appropriate academic texts throughout your essay. Make sure that you are not overly reliant on one source, especially not the core text-book (although you may of course use it), but access a range of books as well as academic journal articles. Ensure that you create your own discussion, not simply paraphrasing sections from the sources
That you use. Be very careful about what internet sources that you use in order to support your answers (other than online books, academic journals and marketing press and other ‘authoritative’ online sources).
Please note that you are asked to provide appropriate company/product examples as part of your answer. Practical examples may come from academic texts and business sources. Please note that you may also offer your own observations of marketing practice by organisations. Please do not repeat examples provided by the core text-book.

Assessment Criteria
Your assignment will be assessed according to the following assessment criteria:
1. The ability to address the required task as it is outlined in the brief, i.e. directly address the essay topic as it is specified.
2. The level of theoretical insight demonstrated as evidenced in the discussion of macro-environmental forces.
3. The level of practical insight demonstrated as evidenced in the discussion of how holiday organisations respond to macro-environmental forces in their marketing activities. It is expected that this discussion is strengthened by the selection and discussion of appropriate practical examples.
4. The extent to which a range of appropriate academic sources (and other secondary sources for practical examples) have been effectively used in order support the discussion.
5. The extent to which the essay contains clear arguments and is fully referenced, well-structured and grammatically correct.


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