IMF, or World Bank, or, WTO

Here is the essay question:

There is a great deal of debate and controversy surrounding the institutions of
global economic governance (especially the WTO, the IMF, and the World Bank).
Evaluate the performance of ONE of these organizations (or another of your
choice). Make recommendations as to how the policies of these institutions can be
Expectations and Assessment:
• Does the introduction effectively introduce the subject matter of the paper and
provide a clear thesis statement presenting the argument of the paper?
• Does the paper provide an effective description of the subject matter? Are the
main issues and aspects of the subject matter addressed? Is good evidence in the
form of data, information and examples provided?
• Does the paper provide an effective analysis of the subject matter that supports
the main argument? Is the argument convincing? Does the paper have a strong
and consistent logical flow from thesis to conclusion? Is good evidence in the
form of information, data and examples provided?
• Does the paper provide clear, logically consistent and feasible policy
recommendations? Is policy recommendation section convincing?
• Is the paper well presented? Is the language and style of the paper formal and
professional? Are there few or no grammar, spelling and punctuation errors?
• Does the paper have an effective research base?

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