Write your personal theory on about leading change in an organization.

1. Read Chapter 7, “Aligning Strategy and Culture: Best Practices,” pages 259”“305.

2. Write your personal theory on about leading change in an organization.

a. As the culminating event of the course and the final evaluation, preparation for your personal theory for leading change should begin during preparation for Class One. This would also be an excellent topic of discussion in your learning team during the course.

b. Your personal theory should be five or six, double-spaced pages using 12-point font. Your position paper should contain the following elements:

i. A definition of change

ii. A discussion of the kinds of leadership characteristics you believe are necessary to successfully manage change in organizations for the next decade

iii. A brief description of the change strategy(ies) that you believe to be most generally effective for leading fundamental change and a defense of your preference(s)

iv. A clear description, in as much detail as possible, of the characteristics of a healthy organization prepared to address the issues of change in the 21st century

v. This paper should be completed using the APA format


The book i am using is Managing Organizational Change 2nd ed

Needs to be five to six pages apa 6th ed

A Abstract and referances page

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