Why is it important to start strong and end strong when delivering a presentation?

**All work is to be seperated indivually, do not put all together in same document!**      **Due Tue, 10pm**


1st Assignment-Hurricane Web Assignment(Instructions will be posted in picture below titled “Hurricane Web Assignment)

Use this link to assist in this assignment-http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/outreach/games/canelab.htm

I already have the questions in word and will also be posted below titled “Web Assignment” to be answered.


2nd Assignment-2 Business Communication Questions(200 Words Each & No plagiarism; All sources must be cited)

Q1. Why is it important to start strong and end strong when delivering a presentation? How can a weak introduction and/or conclusion negatively affect the presentation? Support your viewpoint and provide examples.


Q2. Explain why this statement is false: Considering the audience before presenting and building rapport with the audience while presenting is a waste of time. Support your reasoning with examples.


3rd Assignment-5 Science Questions(All can be answered in 50+ words except the last question, which should be answered in 200!!)

Q1. Recall from your reading about thunderstorm basics to answer: Explain why thunderstorms are most common in the early afternoon and evening.


Q2. What type of air mass would you likely find forming in Arizona?


Q3. In your own words, explain how wind forms.  What two factors cause winds to deviate?


Q4. In your own words, explain how air would circulate around the globe if the Earth were not rotating.


Q5. Compare the characteristics (general weather, movement, etc.) of a cold front to a warm front. Explain why they exhibit different characteristics. What weather would you expect to encounter with each?

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