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For this assignment, you imagine that the United Nations has appointed you as head of family planning programs. This assignment affords you the opportunity to devise a family planning program for a less developed country, as well as identify potential barriers, and how you plan to overcome them. Resources: Ch. 4 of Environmental Science and the APA Title Page Template Consider the following scenario: The United Nations appoints you as head of family planning programs. Your first duty is to devise a family planning program for a less developed country that suffers from rapid population growth, high illiteracy, widespread poverty, and a predominantly rural population. Select one country described in the scenario from the following: •Afghanistan •Benin •Bhutan •Burkina Faso •Central African Republic •Chad •Democratic Republic of Congo •Ethiopia •Guinea •Haiti •Mali •Mozambique •Nepal •Niger •Sierra Leone •Somalia •South Sudan •Tanzania •Togo Complete the APA Title Page Template and then insert additional blank page(s) to add in the content for this assignment submission. Write a response of at least 100 words to each of the following: •Which country did you select? What factor(s) produce changes in population size in your selected country? •Explain what programs or means of birth control you would implement, and why. •Describe potential barriers to successful implementation of your program. What problems might you expect to encounter, and how would you overcome these? Format your responses according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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