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This is what I have too correct On my first attempt I got it wrong below is the correct way he wants it to be done and on the bottom explains Learning Plan 3 instruction.

You need to re-do the outline. In the weekly letter, I specified that you should opt for a full-sentence (or detailed phrase/clause) rather than keyword. Even perhaps more importantly, your outline needs a thesis, not a topic. That is, you need to state your argument. A thesis is a focused, arguable statement worth defending. And the outline would be the support of that thesis. But your outline is very generic and does not seem like support for an argument. Hypothesis? What is your hypothesis? Literature review? Is that feasible in a short 8-10-page paper as opposed to a 30-page journal article. In short, this outline is a one-size-fits-all outline that says nothing about your particular thesis or support.

This is the assignment below

Learning Plan 3
LP3.1 Assignment: Create an Outline

This assignment is due at the end of Week 5.

Directions: Create an outline for your Argumentative Research Paper. Organize your writing by creating an outline which supports your position (your argument). After you have gathered what you believe will be adequate supporting material, outline your paper. Here are a few rules to keep in mind when preparing an outline:
• Include your thesis statement.
• Always have more than one sub-division.
• Use parallel form (choose a structure and stick with it).

You may learn more about creating an outline by visiting the Purdue Online Writing Lab. You can also examine this Preparation Outline for more information on how to create an outline.

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