Write my Essay Mistreatment Of Elders In Nursing Homes

My topic of interest :

#1: Poor Patient Care at Many Nursing Homes Despite Stricter Oversight

LINK: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/05/health/failing-nursing-homes-oversight.html
ISSUES: Injuries leading to more complications
#2: Nursing Home Residents Gain New Protections

LINK: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/27/health/nursing-home-regulations.html
ISSUES: Regulation of mistreatment being enforced

For the research paper, you will write a paper of approximately 6-7 pages (excluding
References and Title page). The paper is your opportunity to further investigate a topic
that you find interesting. For this paper, you will read two articles:

A) a recent article (within the last 5 years) from the popular press (e.g., New York
Times, Washington Post) that is related to adulthood development and/or aging;

B) a recent empirical research article (published in 2007 or later) from a psychology
journal on that same topic. You will then discuss in your paper how the research
presented in the research study relates to the current issue/event that you
1. Find a recent article (within the last 5 years) in the popular press (e.g., New York
Times) describing a real world issue/current event that is related to adult
development and/or aging. A good source to use is nytimes.com, go to the “health”
or “science” sections.
Do NOT choose a Psychology Today article or any other review article that
summarizes a specific research study.
2. Read the article you found and identify one real-world issue/current event and
summarize it. Be sure to include a) what the issue/current event is, and b) why it is
important (interesting, controversial) to discuss the issue/current event.
3. Find a recent (published in 2006 or later) empirical research article from a
psychology journal that examines the same issue/current event. The research
article should describe a research study and it will have a “Method” and “Results”
Do NOT choose a Psychology Today article or any other review articles. If you
are unsure about an article, you should ask me. Recommended journals are
(but not limited to) Psychology and Aging, Journals of Gerontology, Human
Development, The Gerontologist, The International Journal of Aging and Human
Development, and Developmental Psychology.
***Finding a research article that fits appropriately with the newspaper article that
you found will take some digging. ***

4. Read the research article and think about how the results may relate to the issue in
the popular press article.
5. Write a 6-7 page (double-spaced) paper that addresses the following points:

Briefly summarize the real world issue/current event that is described in the
newspaper or magazine article.

Clearly describe why the issue/event is important (controversial, interesting) to
discuss in the field of adulthood development/aging.

Summarize the recent research article on the same topic. Describe what the
study was investigating (what was the research question?), how they performed
the research (participants, procedures, surveys, materials, etc.), and what they
found (what were the results?).

Describe how the results of the study may relate to the real world issue/current
(For example, what do the results of the study say about how the
issue/current event should be handled in the future? Do the results of the
study suggest how the issue can be prevented or promoted in the future?

According to the results of the study, should there be any changes in
programs, policies, laws, or regulations to prevent or promote the issue?)

Include YOUR insights about the topic (For example, how should people think,
feel, or act to prevent or promote the issue/current event in the future? How
should future research be conducted to further promote the understanding of the
issue/current event?)

– All required information requested in Step #5 (see above) is presented with
clarity and precision.

– Logical organization of ideas/thoughts
– Depth of understanding/Appropriate use of resources
– Title page in APA style
– Reference section in APA style

Give the full reference of the research article (author, year, title, journal
name, volume, pages) using APA style. (see example below).
Give the full reference of the popular press article.
Give the full reference of any other sources you cited in text.
– In-text citations in APA style
– Other APA format (margin, double-spaced, font)

PDF Copies of the Articles
– Submit a copy of the popular press article describing the current issue in PDF
– Submit a copy of the research article in PDF
Note: All written papers must be written in APA style (type-written, double-spaced
pages using 12-point font with 1” margins).


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