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Women in Leadership Positions

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follow this outline:

Women in leadership positions

I. Introduction
Overview of the type of issue, its impact, and your interest on this topic (please open with something shocking or startling which will grab the reader’s attention)

II. Topic
a. Topic you chose to examine and why
b. History of women in the workplace/ in leadership positions
c. Current data on women in leadership positions
d. Conclusions you came to after conducting initial research

III. Issue: Thought provoking discussion of the issue and what problems it causes
a. Challenges for organizations
b. Challenges for those in the organizations
c. Challenges for women
d. Possible solutions or ways to address this problem that occurred to you before doing the research

IV. Research
a. Articles you examined which relate to this issue
b. Findings of those articles
c. How you feel these findings relate to the issue
d. Thoughtful discussion of your conclusions and how the issue should be handled based upon your findings

V. Assessment of the issue
a. The procedures taken by organizations
b. What you learned
c. How this assignment has influenced your views

VI. List of references in APA format

– cite 10 sources (or more), including at least 2 scholarly articles
– establish credibility of the authors of the scholarly articles cited
-Individual cases can be referenced throughout the paper


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