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English Comp—1101:465

Assignment: You are to write an essay on a controversial issue in which you state your position and support it. You must address at least one of the opposition’s stronger points. You will use sources where they are relevant in supporting your points (by providing facts, statistics, or professional opinion) or presenting the opposition.
Format: The body of the essay (excluding the works cited page) should be at least three full pages, typed and double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12 point font.
You are to use at least three outside sources (Books, articles, printed or electronic) and incorporate them into the essay and must be properly documented in MLA style.
–Quote accurately from sources, including punctuation. Do not use direct quotes unnecessarily.
–Be certain to cite the sources you use.

Evaluation: The writer must demonstrate the ability to put forth a well-reasoned, balanced argument. Papers will be graded according to the sophistication and handling of the topic; felicity of expression; the incorporation of secondary sources; and adherence to MLA conventions for documentation and paper format. Essays must be well-organized, developed, coherent, and must not have grammatical, usage, and punctuation errors.

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