Write my Essay Donald Trump Overuse of Power

The paper must be 8-10 pages in length. It will be in MLA format with at least 6 outside sources comprised of no more than 4 internet based sources.  2 must be academic sources.

The Annotated Bibliography will need 8 sources, but only 6 of those sources need to be in the final draft of the essay.

•  This paper and all of its parts must be complete on time for any student to pass English 1A as per the requirements listed on the syllabus.  There are no revisions allowed.

•  Your paper must contain all of the elements of a well-written academic paper with regard to mechanics, grammar, format and content.

•  Your paper must go beyond a “what I know about” paper and consist primarily of an argumentation paper.

If you write a paper that is mostly descriptive (what, where, when), or fail to cite current examples, you will not pass.

This paper must

•  Examine and analyze the current situation of your chosen topic

•  Use the current theories and ideas to address benefits and concerns,

•  And identify possible future issues related to your topic.

•      *Citing your Sources: Make sure you use proper MLA citation throughout your paper to avoid plagiarism; introducing your sources with their credentials can also boost the validity of your argument.

•      *Structuring your Essay: Your introduction should include a hook, necessary background information and context for your topic, and should end with your main claim stated clearly and precisely. Your body paragraphs should begin with strong topic sentences and contain evidence from sources. Use quote sandwiches (as always!). Remember that the conclusion is often the part your readers remember: what do you want their final thought about your argument to be? The structure of your essay will vary, depending on the type of claim you are making.

•      *Properly formatting your Works-Cited Page: Use Purdue Owl, handouts or use an MLA handbook from the library!

Reminder: Plagiarism is when you accidentally or deliberately borrow someone’s words or ideas and present them as your own. You will receive a no-pass grade (zero) on this assignment if you are found using text which you do not cite properly in either quoted or paraphrased form.

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