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Please see your previous attached proposal with Professor comments. Please use this and follow below guidelines.
Based on the proposal you submitted in Module 4, craft your own campaign according to the following guidelines:

For your Final Project you will develop a thorough and detailed campaign for an actual organization or an issue of your choosing. You will create and discuss elements of your own original campaign. (NOTE: You are NOT analyzing an existing campaign).

First, identify the organization or issue you are going to create a campaign for and determine the goal of the propaganda–what do you want your message to achieve?

In addition, your paper must include the following:

An introduction in which you identify the organization or issue and explain why you have chosen it. Explain why a propaganda campaign is needed and what such a campaign should achieve.
A description of elements that would go into the proposed propaganda campaign. What should the organization do? How should they do it? Who is the intended audience? What types of communication and what media will be used?
Provide examples of at least two of the concepts from earlier modules, including arguments, social influence, weapons of persuasion, or mass communication vehicles, propaganda techniques to name a few.
A review and application of the “Ten Elements of a Propaganda Campaign” that are detailed in the Module 5 Instructor’s Commentary article, “Anatomy of a Propaganda Campaign.”
An explanation of your recommendation and rationale for how each choice supports your goal.
A conclusion that provides a thoughtful reflection of what you have learned in developing a propaganda campaign and your understanding of the theories and concepts that we’ve examined throughout the semester.


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