We can work on The propriety of laws against paid sex work.

  1. Carefully read pages 504-508 of your textbook.

Link to Book & Log in information:
User email: [email protected]
Password: Bailey123!

  1. Watch the documentary television episode “History of Prostitution” from the television series “History’s Mysteries.”

It may be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESaLuqteZ9s

  1. Write AT LEAST 500 words answering the following question:
    Do you believe that paid sex work should be against the law?

Use evidence from the text and the episode to justify your answer.
In your essay, DO NOT USE the words “prostitution” or “prostitute” even though the episode and the book do.
Instead use the words “paid sex work” and “sex worker.”

Sample Solution

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