We can work on The concept of public policy

What in your view is the most important policy issue facing the United States? Why is it important and which specific problems need to be solved? Respond to at least 2 other students’ posts.

Chapter 16 Learning Objectives:

• Explain the concept of public policy
• Identify the key domestic arenas of public policy
• Describe the major social safety net programs

Sample Solution

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10th May 1940 German troops invaded the Netherlands and, after five days of fighting, the Dutch officially surrendered on 15th May 1940. In so doing, the German occupation of the Netherlands began (Romjin, 2006, pp.33-35). Having initially thought about installing a Militarverwaltung (Military administration), as had been done in Belgium, Hitler opted for a Zivilberwaltung (civilian administration) under the command of Reichkommissar Arthur Seyss-Inquart (Foray, 2010, p.769). The government-in-exile was replaced by a regime of Secretaries-General, the highest-ranking public servants in their departments, and their duty was meant to be strictly administrative and apolitical (Wouters 2006, p.225). Seyss-Inquart also utilised native parties such as Nederlandse Unie and the Dutch National Socialist Party (NSB) to help pursue the German policies. The essay will assess three of the major policies pursued by the occupying Germans and will establish whether each was a success from the German’s perspective. The first section of the essay will examine the success of the German policy in utilising the Dutch economy to help in their war effort. The second section will evaluate how successful the German occupation was at implementing Nazification, mainly assessing their use of the native parties in pursing this policy. The final section will consider the German occupation policy of deportation and execution of Jewish citizens and whether the Germans achieved their objective in this context. The essay will conclude that the policies were of varying success. However, the German’s broadly achieved their objective in relation to the extermination of the Jews, as no other Nazi occupying force achieved such a low survival rate of Jews. First, a policy which was a top priority for the Germans was the utilisation of the Dutch economy to help the German war effort (Warmbrunn, 1963, p.69). Initially the Germans had exerted an indirect economic control on the Netherlands and its other conquered territories and left the day to day economic policies in the hands of the natives, whilst keeping general supervision (Hirschfield, 1988, p.182). Goering had said that he intended to leave Holland sufficiently independent as to manage their own economy, but still connected close>

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