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Respond to at least two colleagues who are from different states in one or more of the following ways:

Submit a different perspective concerning the medical social worker’s responsibilities your colleague shared.
Expand on your colleague’s description about safeguarding patient’s information by suggesting additional actions.
Refute or validate your colleague’s views about the ramifications HIPAA might have on social work practice in medical settings. Support your response with scholarly resources

Sample Solution

Edgar Allan Poe is an American poet and writer. He was born on January 19,1809. Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He married Virginia Clemm in 1836.His most popular works are horror and mystery tales. Poe childhood was filled with sadness as his mother passed away when he was young and his father was not around, thus leading him to be raised by Frances and John Allan who were businessmen. I believe it was his mother’s death and his father Abandoning him that lead Poe to write such deep and mysterious stories. Although he was never formally adopted by them, he used their last name all though his teenage years. Tensions later developed as he grew older due to financial troubles, which included the debt for his secondary schooling. This led him to drop out of the University of Virginia and enroll in the military. Having enrolled in the army with a fake name and marrying his 13-year-old cousin, he was Plagued all his life with scandals and rumors and, his writing in turn reflects the madness in every one’s heart. Poe wrote his books in Gothic Style, hoaxes, and humorous tales. His first story was” “Metzengerstein” ‘which was a satire of the contemporary genre. His popular poems include “The Conqueror Worm”, “To Helen”, “The Raven”, “The City in the Sea”, “Annabel Lee “, “A tell-tale heart”. Poe stories often include death of women is horrible ways, which might display his fear or hatred of women due to his mother dying. Edgar Allan Poe does a good job of using literary devices to absorb the reader into his stories, like in “ A tell-tale heart” when he uses a first-person narrator whose crazy and his mental state has us questioning if he is sane. This is turn adds suspense to the story. He also uses irony in this story. The narrator in the story claims he is sane when he, in fact, acts the opposite. He spends th>

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